Saturday, January 2, 2016

Creatures of Nightmares


A Very Short SF Vignette

Creatures of Nightmares
((Lilith, Queen of Hell) (in Poetic Prose))

Lilith, Queen of Hell

When age fell upon the universe and wonder came into the minds of man, when grey cities rose from the dust, dirt and clay out of the ashes of time and space, when the grim and ugly were cast into bowels of Mother Earth, whom would never again see the sun rise over the world above them, or see the flowers in the meadows and when poets would write lyrics of the phantoms that their world orally passed on to them, of man and beast, demon and angelic renegade,  with insidious twisted, glaring hearts and eyes. When these things had all come to pass, there was a being, a wanderer who was said to have descended into ‘Ardos,’ which is the summit of Hermon (also known as Mount Armon),  and who found his way out of its labyrinth, bound by a curse to teach mankind incantations, cutting of roots, and astrology, and he kept to his word, as all his brothers and sisters were cast and bound to grottos and tied with iron and steel chains by Uriel, God’s Arch Angel and Warrior.
       And in Tartarus—Semyaz, being his name a fallen angel himself, of which is little known, but what you are reading this very moment, who originally came from an obscure sphere among the clouds, and who survived the onslaught of the Antediluvian Age, was one of those cursed evil angels whom also found his way down to Tartarus at the request of Lilith, Queen of Hell to teach her imps, under the command of General and Arch Demon Satan’s Henchman, Agaliarept, ruler of three legions,  how to turn dreams into horrid mental vistas, known as nightmares among human beings, something the mind had not suspected, or imagined  in man up too this point. Hence, because of him, because of Semyaz, the imps of hell bridged the world with haunted skis figuratively speaking, as one would with radio waves infecting man with incomprehensibilities, and the drama and suspense for horror, that lead the mind to adapt the nightmare; and as often as they could, the imps sat on the chest of those who were most vulnerable to their whims, and vaccinated them with their infectious images.