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The Hyperborean Mythos - The Night of Dead Ages

  (A Monstrously Vivid World)(Al-Baghdadi


Seth the Demon

From the lost scroll, ‘This is an Islamic Testament of the Cadaverous Codex’ from Mohammad the Dreadful, the Wizard who givith prophecy, this year of 660-years after Christ, to the 21st Century Founders of the New and perfect Islam,’ I am the Wizard of the Dust, so they have called me, and I speak from my grave, I will call in this time one and many to follow him, to bring ultimate corruption to flesh and bone on earth’s soil, that do not abide the treading of these words now I write: to all Christians and to all that cling onto the pant of those infidels, and to Islamic betrayers and alike, you will crumble beneath the feet of my grave…’
       The cleric’s name not being fully known, but was referred as Mustafa, or just plainly Wizard, and his writings have been radiocarbon tested, putting the written date of the Testament Scroll at: 645 to 650 A.D.; Muhammad dying in the year 632 A.D. and the Qur’an being standardized around 656 A. D.

The 21st Century

As they say: once read never forgotten. And out of the rubble of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Libya, came this scroll, that were originally kept for a 1000-years in the Rock Churches of Ethiopia, then brought to Syria, and hidden in some underground archives in Damascus, and read by Arch and Disdainful, leader of an Islamic movement, called Daesh’s Jihadist (or Isis’ War, much sounding like Satan’s ancient name Iblis). Al-Baghdadi or Caliph Ibrahim (or, Amir al-Mu’minin, whom earned a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies. Upon Osama bin Laden’s death, when he descended into hell, this head leader of al-Qaeda, from his ashes the demon Seth brought those very ashes to Mohammad the Dreadful codex, the Wizard’s scrolls…which enhanced the gravity and sorcerer within them, and once found to manifest its self into the flesh and mind of the beholder) Thus, Al-Baghdadi reading the codex took upon himself to completely follow the Wizard’s footsteps, saying to his followers, whom would in time be over 30,000-militiants, it was their inheritance from this old wise Clergy, leaving out his true identity, ‘mad cleric’ and in-between why not profit from it, with Syrian oil, and artifacts from Iraq and Syria, and elsewhere!  The monstrously vivid world, was at his side, in addition so was Tartarus, in creating a sporadic war, he would create a migrant crisis for Europe likewise in the meantime: turkey, Greece, the whole Middle East, this flowed in his mind like wine, and he’d work with multiple combinations like the tail fin movement of the fish, with an amphibious angle. And why not create tensions between the Sunni and Shiite Muslims, although the Sunni population was 90% of the Muslims, and the Shiite 10 to 15%, yet that little 15% percent, includes Chaotic Iran (along with Syria, Yemen, Nigeria being part of Daesh’s internal interests, and Lebanon), and worldwide, over 200-million Muslims, out of 1.6 billion. Create regional rivalry, its roots were already in place, the Sunni and Shia disciplines, and differences of Islam went back 1,400-years. It all started when Muhammad died, and debate emerged about who should be his successor. Like two pigs in a blanket, when there is only room for one. If possible, like the cleric is crying from his grave, Al-Baghdadi, felt he needed to create a genocide if possible. And thus, his work was cut out for him.

       ((Interlude: so what is the difference between the Sunni and Shiites? The Shiites believe the successor to Muhammad must be part of his bloodline, whereas the Sunnis feel only the most pious individual should be chosen, who follows the prophet’s traditions, customs. Saudi Arabia being mostly Sunni) (on the other hand, they both read the Qur’an; both believe Allah is the one true God, Muhammad the messenger. So we see the rivalry is not over religious doctrine per se, but rather political leadership. And IS’s true name, being Daesh or Da’ish: acronym: Isil; Daesh= to tread underfoot, or to crush! The United States Government placed a reward of US $10-million dollars for information leading to the capture or death of Caliph Ibrahim, October, 2011, as a Global Terrorist; in June 2014, Al-Baghdadi received his other name Caliph Ibrahim. Wounded in January of 2015, and now fled to Mosul, and perhaps some other place, he lives like a mole in a hole, but this is prophecy after death; and perhaps he is and perhaps he is in that category at present. Perhaps we should know call him Al-Mosul? And so we have a story to finish…))

And thus, his work was cut out for him. Now he had to form or find, and in the long run define fully the reason for his evil to be acknowledge by the Qur’an, like the prophet Muhammad did and his ancient followers, for decapitations, and war, to fight the good fight with world order, to bring chaos to God’s balanced universe. The battles he foresaw were imperative for him to be able to eyewitness, and with a horrible urgency, lest he die before he got to appreciate his dirty handy work.  This of course brought overwrought nerves. By the unfolding of the scrolls, and reading it he was assigned a limited time, he felt, and his Arch Demon that would follow him, in his needs along the way would be Seth of Egypt, who had lived centuries in the head of Sphinx, brought out for this very occasion, the likes of Gabriel, God’s precious Arch Angel, thus he thought he was in good company.
       Even if the phenomena of the scrolls were simply imaginative, it took on a natural solution that occurred to him, to his overheated mind: Cleanse the Middle East once and for all, and is it not blood that cleanses?
       It was to a certain degree quintessence:  a latent imperfection the West had brought to the Middle East, with Christendom, almost when they left Iraq, overnight, Daesh was born. And he read and reread, verse and chapter, within the Qur’an (in paraphrase: remembering):  Why else would Muhammad write:  ‘…to even consider Jesus Christ as the Son of God, will be considered the unpardonable sin?’  And this strange and fading entry in the Scroll, also mentioned it, per near unreadable, brittle and worm-hollowed from antiquity. Nonetheless it manifested its self, and it had not gone unnoticed.
       To many of the Sunni Muslims, it was simply a wild, remote lore long forgotten, and perhaps, interjected without Muhammad’s knowledge, after his death in 632 A.D., for the Qur’an was not officially baptized into sainthood, until 656. But for the Shiites, it was still relevant, and carried a death sentence, and Al-Baghdadi, it was the perfect poisons to kill Christians under the face of the Qur’an, and he did just that, killed the image of God, which was in every Christian’s face, for the image of God, is on every human’s face.  It was for him a turkey shoot.  So the scrolls evoked what was already in his heart, that that dead wizard only had to bring forth a little friction to light the fire. And when Pope Benedict XVI, inferred Islam to be a legitimate child of Satan—figuratively speaking, this added wood to the already fire started in the Middle East of Christendom being a Crusade; and when Obama, told the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan not to show their Bibles as not to alarm a Muslim, he had won another victory, small, but all small ones often keep the fire kindled.
       Every red line of humanity, Al-Baghdadi crossed, without remorse, not so unlike those days when Muhammad led his butchers to Mecca. Thus, he killed Christion’s as well as Buddhists and Sunni Muslims and Shiites, one and all; Russian, Americans, the English, the French, Egyptians, the Turks, you name it he killed it. Decapitations with flesh and bone showing on television, he got a billion dollars’ worth of free publicity for his gang, for the Wizard, for Seth, for Iblis.  For all this, the long dead Wizard, Al-Baghdadi he helped make his twilight.

The Ultimate

It was upon his death he fell into the halls of Darkness where the Wizard himself was, and whom he’d meet shortly.
       At first the long dark hall was fearsome, it made him fumble some, it  was soaked in a damp ashen that shifted overhead, he couldn’t quite name the odor, it was to him a night of dead ages. His nostrils were groping. Ancient dust filled them. There were corpses all about, many in decay. Then came a tinge of light, and a shadowy figure, it was the Wizard, with a demon by the name of Botis, alongside his left side, and to his other side, Seth, his Arch Demon.   He had expected in death he’d see paradise, not this riddled rottenness. There was a creaking of totting footsteps. Silence lingered everywhere, like fungus on an unstirred rock. No doubt he thought there must be some commonplace explanation!
       The Wizard gave him a smile that allowed Al-Baghdadi a suspicion of relief, but the horrid incubus Botis would not—
       Next, he was taken into an enormous room, here lay many manuscripts, volumes of books, notebooks, seven writing tables, and two tables unmolested. Behind the table Botis pointed to, were bookshelves, and in the room were bizarre and terrifically beings, officials, authorities, scribes.  Said the Wizard with a look of eldritch intimidation, “At that table you must write your account, how my testament brought you to be responsible for 250,000-dead in Syria, and the many who died swimming the sea for safety, and hundreds of deaths that came about after  you read my ancient codex. It will be given to Ibis (Satan’s historical name) for review, and should he like it I will be put very high in the echelon of Tartarus.”
       Cold dust dragged across the center of the room, then like a phantom, lblis appeared with all his ten-wings. Soared aloft, to get a glimpse of the whole enormous room, and all its doings. Then he came to a standstill, upright, erect as a stone statue, his position was by the other empty table, and he touched it, and it crumbled into ash, and settled in a low pile, it was his way of showing off.
       Al-Baghdadi whispered “This is not Paradise, Allah get me out of here!” And when Satan heard the name Allah, a crushing weight came upon the shoulders of Al-Baghdadi, and with smoke from his mouth like a dragon, Iblis said, “Who do you think Allah is?” and left with a grin.

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