Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Doomsday Clock, Stopped! (January, 2016)

In plain American English, Obama has brought the Doomsday Clock, to a stop!
What is that?
It is a clock, of nuclear arms and its climate, created by Atomic Scientists, to measure the world’s potential for catastrophe, Armageddon, the apocalypse!
They say it is not good news, the clock has stopped at three minutes to twelve, midnight!
This year of 2016 A.D., is more vulnerable than ever before, with the proliferation for nuclear perils:
Now that Iran has been cut loose, and North Korea has got the H-bomb, and America and Russia are at odds again.
China is setting up military sites all over the South China Sea!
Should the Islamic State, or Boko Harm get a nuke, then what?
They will be weighed by the mercy they give, so shall they receive, these catalysts of doom! But until then what?
Should the hands of the clock get much closer to Midnight, we will need no Doomsday Clock at all, we’ll be in the middle of it…!


Note: In 2015, the clock was five minutes to Midnight! It now remains the closest it has been in 20-years.  The Atomic Scientists were founded in 1945, University of Chicago. Prior to 2015, it of course was lower, but with the modernization of nuclear weapons and the new and old and growing nuclear arsenals, point of fact, the climate is not good. In the Middle East we have Pakistan and Israel with nuclear capability, as does India, and Iran on the Horizon, and perhaps Saudi Arabia.  In Asia, Japan is thinking hard on the subject of arming themselves should there be a showdown, and America hightail it out of the Japan Sea, for calmer waters, as we recently did in the Persian Gulf, facing Iran; Japan does not want to be at the mercy of North Korea.  And President Putin, is a dangerous demigod, as is Obama (God help us all should he become after his prudency, a Supreme Court Judge). There has been 260,000-syrians killed in Syria’s recently civil war. Boko Harm has killed over 20,000-individuals in Africa.  IS, is responsible for a genocide, and the ruin of humanity’s cultural background in the Middle East.