Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Moments in Time (a poem)

Babenhausen West Germany, 1975

In my time, I’ve learned most recently,
Per near now, seventy…
An impression can last forty-years;
That is, as one old friend said:
‘…how a moment or moments in time
Can leave a lifetime (impression) on people.’
The proof is in the pudding, when he wrote
Back again, “In a way we are all a product of
Those we…come in contact with on
Our journey through life. …and for that I am
Forever grateful (to you).”

#5030/1-26-2016/For Butch McGee

Note: Inspired by two letters from Butch McGee, after having no contact with him for four decades (1974-1977), Letters received in January of 2016, where upon the poet called him from Lima, to Alabama. Mr. McGee being an old soldier friend from West Germany; where they had spent 30-months working together, per near every day, for 8 to 10 hours a day (which comes to about, 6000-hours). Thank you Butch for your insight!