Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tokyo Tower (…and an old Phobia)

The Tokyo Tower is not so unlike the Eiffel Tower
But taller at its summit!

At its very roof if one can get a standing space
S/he can overlook the madness of the city’s face!

Going to its top, I practiced deep-breathing,
Relaxing therapy—

Not wanting to show the world my anxiety!

I do this whenever I go to such places as:
Kyoto, Tokyo, Seattle, New York City, Lisbon, Paris

And other such cities, with grand towers…

To bury my thing, that has no justification—
To escape the tell-tale fate, lest the thing follow me.


Note:  The author visited Japan in July of 1999, and during his visit, a few nights in Tokyo, and one trip to the Tokyo Tower.
(Again thanks to dear friend, Kikue Nishihara)