Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Death Row (Mercy vs. Capital Punishment)

Richard Masterson
Imprisoned, on Death Row for twelve-years
To be executed tomorrow…

What does a good Christian do?
This is under debate!
It is a scary thing to swing one way or the

Various Christian groups are crying:
‘Apostolate Mercy’
For this man and his family!

Darin Shane Honeycutt, is long dead!
Where are the various Christian Groups?
Are they urging prayer for his soul?
Is it not a sin to use God for your own whims!

Give Richard M., a bible, take him off Death Row!
This should have been done long ago!
And put him to sleep forevermore.
This is called common encouragement, to kill

No more.

#5018/Written 1-19-2016