Sunday, January 24, 2016

Strange Swing Planet (Nine)

  ((Worlds Beyond) (with Dr. G.B. McGee)) 2040 A.D.

In Poetic Prose

The Louisiana Space Station had discovered the 9th Planet exact location, tracing its orbit for four-years, on its 15,000-year orbit around Earth’s sun. Being ten-times the size of Earth,  and a thousand telescopes on Earth searching for the new planet alongside its orbit, and Earth’s new outpost on Mars doing likewise, it was  ambiguous, but just a matter of time.
       Compared to the Dark Planet, it was a hope-skip-and-jump, to its forest called the Kuiper Belt, where its orbit centralized, and passed Sedna, a planet nearly the size of Pluto hidden within its channels, and when it did pass Sedna its distinct alignment with the rest of the solar system was mapped out to the least fraction, but only that area of space.
       In the adjacent solar system, objects unnamed, star watchers found the missing planet as it zoomed by, covered by massive debris of asteroids and alike, thus not very visible, and as it rotated on its axes, object swung outward to and fro around the planet, as if protecting it from bombardment, and the large planet had a pull, a dynamic force on its pilgrims as Dr. McGee coined them to be, on these far-flung orbiting moons of sorts, which seemingly stayed in a permanent stage of circling its mass, but also they shed light on the planet, as would a comet. And the closer to Earth’s sun, the more energized these objects came, and a more brighter light did they shed. And the more visible became the Ninth Planet as it was called by the media, or X-planet, which was really out of date.
       Dr. McGee, as usual had ideas, like the one he had for the Dark Planet, if only he could find a way to harness something on the 9th Planet, to explore it on its fifteen century journey, for mankind, the happier he’d be.  The superintendent, Dr. Hightower was of course impressed with McGee’s idea, but as he told me, during our last meeting—on the side—and I shall express it the best I can:
       “We’re still trying to figure out the birth of the Spiral Galaxy, it would seem it was formed like the Milky Way, or started in that manner, from the middle and grew outward, and as small as the Spiral Galaxy is now, in  a million years, it will be ten-times its now size, so I conclude with Dr. McGee.  Stellar Spectra age is difficult to get, even consider, I wish Dr. McGee would stick with that.  This new Galaxy he discovered #79, is starting out as a small disc, and in time will grow, form the inside out.  This we might be able to see in our own lifetime, through the aperture, we’ve discovered.  When McGee saw the black hole before it exploded and hiccupped its insides, we got to see a crescent shape as it swirled around the black hole. We need you, Dr. D. to keep him on track, if only you could!”

5021/1-21 & 24-2016
No: SF Vignette #5 (with Dr. McGee)