Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Short SF Vignette (In poetic Prose) A Ripple in Time

If one could read a ripple in time, what then?
And have we already?
A spectacular event took place in 500,000 B.C., thereabouts, a supernova—
(when homo  heidelbergensis prowled the earth, other things were happening in other places within God’s universe)
In a far-off constellation, one of the eighty-eight recognized groups known to modern man…
On a planet unnamed and unknown, in a far-off solar system, amongst the stars—this  story comes to us from a single ripple in time, hidden within its memory of some far-off cataclysmic event in the cosmos, as previously mentioned, and loose bits and pieces of  interesting trivia, have been recovered.
In other words it comes from a gravitational wave, the warping of space-time (we have at the Louisiana Space Center, seen this event in light).
The scientists at the Center have agonizingly examined the genome, which is the instruction booklet for building and maintaining billions of DNA letters of information, for a sizable interstellar saber-beast, which was diagramed within this wave.
I asked the scientists at the Louisiana Space Center “How is this possible to read light as you say you do, and speculate on such events, and  creatures that once existed a half million years ago?”
“Laser Interferometer,” he said; meaning I think: bouncing light between this and whatever that is!
Thus making that, possible to speculate on.
He went on to say:
“Gravitational waves reproduce at the speed of light, at this speed time stands still, if we can connect, or plug in, we get what we seek.
And within these waves are carried the knowledge of events before the star’s (or sun’s) explosion—otherwise known as a supernova—takes place.   
This knowledge is maintained up to its current—prior to death—status to the detection of a black hole, hence at which time, it will be swallowed, or sucked up into.
In point of fact, its debris entombed, forevermore.”
By and large, the scientist was telling me, there are fossils in space-time, in those so called gravitational waves.
Carl Sagan said it best: “We are not alone!” (past tense in this case)
How true that appears to be, but so far-off, we have to read the primitive events on other planets by the way of  bouncing light here and there, capturing it, caging it, dissecting it: oversimplified, but for a novice like me, it will have to do.
And so, what we know is that the planet the beast lived on, came to an end, as did its star, and most likely its whole solar system.
Should our star lose its composure, and sum, and some day it will, the solar system we live in will be obliterated, consumed, and thrown down a trash spiral, or black hole, like theirs.
And when I say theirs: this information we are talking about, came to the Center by way of a voice commentary, as one might hear a documentary on television describing for National Geographic, to the public, the Polar Bear:
Heard in one of those gravitational waves, extracted, translated, as one would have done, and has done with the Dead Sea Scrolls.

#4939/Written: 12-2 2015

Note: Last writing in  Huancayo, Peru (99-poems, and 11-SF Stories written in 10-weeks; total 109-writtings: ten stories in three days, this last story, was  written the evening before leaving the Andes, and not in the three days of November 20 thru 22, the original 10-stories, but is part of the “Huancayo SF Collection”)