Saturday, January 30, 2016

Trusting like Mary (The Poet’s Rebellion)

My first reaction to my Illness was rebellion…
(Fear, questions, desolation…)
Why me?”
“All is lost!”
“What now can I give meaning to?”
From this comes one’s faith in God:
Tested and revealed…!
“Don’t disparage the day that still has an hour of light…”
Who whispered this in my ear?
Jesus, or was the key given to Mary?
What I learned was this:  “Do whatever Jesus tells you,”
Or what you know He’d expect.
And I know that came from Mary’s lips.

No: 5039/1-28-2016

Note 1:  Inspired by my illness, in 1994, a stroke, two heart attacks; and 1996, MS, recovery was slow; and side effects of Agent Orange, from Vietnam, 1970.
Note 2: Inspired by a speech by Pope Francis, 1-28-2016, and the writings of Chinua Achebe.