Sunday, January 31, 2016

Drama of the Insect (Out of the Peruvian Jungles)

The singing of the mosquito is worse than its bite—
Should you try and swat him he will taunt the ear throughout the night!
The bedbug, is not so unlike the mosquito, or his mate the fly—
He will bite you first, then sing his song, and should you try to stop him
Beware, he will bring all his friends.
They are all long-night intruders, sent from hell!
Some even perhaps from heaven.
They can make a man haggard and worn-out looking, just thinking of going to bed in the Amazon and Satipo jungles of Peru—
A distraction a best! With their havoc and insect rituals.
Revenge is sweetest when you bring along a can of insecticide, thus the drama of the insects fade like: winter to summer.