Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Prison House for Angelic Renegades


Escape from:
The Prison House for
Angelic Renegades

(The Nameless Renegades of Evil)

Azaz’el, Angelic Renegade:

Where did God send those angelic renegades after his Son cast them out of Heaven? And those two hundred that were sent to watch over earth, in those far-off days of the Antediluvian Era?
       As we all know, there was war in heaven, and Micha’el with a 100-million angelic army, fought Lucifer, whom had 200-million, militant angelic soldiers, and Micha’el was losing the battle after battle, until the Son of God stepped in, and He was too much of a force for the 200-million, casting them somewhere, and Lucifer over the edge of heaven’s cliffs, for a nine day drop to earth, at the speed of light. But what happened with the other renegades? Most of them remain nameless, except for a few, one being Azaz’el, whose name also reflects that of a fellow renegade from the Antediluvian Era; but unrelated, in this account.
       In some other reality, in space and time, man is unaware of, in some polar opposite universe perhaps, a far-off distance,  let’s say for time sake, 1000-light-years from Earth, resides the Prison House for Angelic Renegades, referred simple as: the Prison House. Here the majority of the angelic enemies of God have remained for eons. Their eternal abode, in the black matter reefs of space and time, where roars the indomitable, ceaseless winds of the nebula that surrounds them like a cage: keeping them blinded for the most part in a diffused mass of interstellar dust and gas, verily visible to one another, reflecting incident radiation, as to their cell mates. Where not a sound of their wailing or dismal wrath can be heard outside its towering cliffs of interstellar space, where Giant Seraphim’s, the Almighty’s has sent these unsurpassed guards to pace the pathways around the prison, for time immortal.  Like giant marble colossus, everywhere, they watch with eyes of the hawk that can see a light-year in distance, lest one escape out of this nebulous realm of fire and brimstone, ere to the world, any world at large, should one find his way to their doorsteps.
       For they know, man is but mortal and they had ruled earth with gray foulness for a thousand years without mercy, with colossal wrath, taking wives and daughters at will from whomever, threatening unspeakable harm should they trespass back into their own abodes, should they return to their homes unexpected. Phantoms of earth they were, before the Great Flood, with infallible powers, cannibalistic passion, whose women gave birth to giant sons, in this Antediluvian civilization, that existed before the Great Flood of Noah.

       The Arch Demon, Belphegor

       At times, Azaz’el noticed the black matter, its energy, at specific hours, its tides of gravity, came to a standstill, that the forces of matter and antimatter were equal, thus, that area of space-reality was cold unlike the walls and moats to the parallel universe Earth resided in: hence,  interaction took place,  no surf in space,  it was as if the Universe was being reborn, from its two sources of matter and antimatter, and which one would win, both of equal status, and this one solar day, in the far-distance, was a five embodied star: five suns melted into each other, and within this calm, matter again it won over antimatter, and the friction started and debris circulated haphazardly, caused the suns in creating a great tempest, Azaz’el hid behind  an ebbing wave, a ripple; the light was so great, it blinded the Grand Seraphim’s for just a moment, and before it all settled  he made his escape, around the rusty iron net, God had fenced him in, figuratively speaking.
       I can form no conjecture where he went thereafter, but where he ended up, I know. And so it was said by Marquis d’ Belphegor, arch devil, in Tartarus, the Devil Commandant, of five legions: he came and taught wizardry and necromancy, to demoniac students, as to have them teach humans, then went on to be one of Nimrod’s advisors, and Nero’s consultant, and influenced Plato’s student Xenocrates, who believed Atlantis to be a fact,  who also is presently  and highly involved with the calamitous  defeats in Syria, and Iraq  and throughout the Middle East, with Hamas and Islamic State (Isis/or Daesh, along with al-Qaeda also known as (AQI) quest in the Middle East. Where might his next venture be? I heard he was headed for Washington D. C., the White House?
       Perhaps he has made many prior visits, who’s to say?


A Vignette, in the form of SF and Magic Realism