Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Inside the Closed World

You don’t need to go to the Middle East anymore
Europe has more Arabs and Muslims than they do!
I’ve been to Europe a dozen times, it’s not like it used to be,
Especially England!
Soon someone one is going to strike a match and lit the stove that will roast Europe and America’s—attachment!
Like the cutting of a thigh and a chicken leg.
All because someone in England wants a potential American president prohibited from coming into their country.
America will not be force-feed tea, instead of coffee!
You do know that happened once before, at the Boston Tea Party!
Let me make this clear to the English, in England:
Americans are not ready to wash and wipe the feet of the British Kingdom.
That is why our football is not like your football.
The Islamic world can do all the clapping of hands they want or rolling of eyes and hips with their hairy-chests, and call to their prophet!
And the Mexican, can scream all they wish from rights without responsibility.
The Islamic world can say America is unfair, and have England to do their romping, but it all comes to fried beans, or camel stew, it doesn’t matter, America has rules.
And America is not like it used to be, and neither is any other Country (especially England).
Hillary is off her rocker, like Obama, who is not so unlike Bush, or Blair.
Mr. Trump, right or wrong, can sing his tone, and any old song, in America.
Maybe we should ban the English, those who signed the petition, send us their names, and the few officials that are playing this Islamic game—
This is a quite extraordinary thing, —a revelation, crude insinuations; if you wish to patronize Islam, do so, it only brings more light to what Trump is saying, and attention to England’s fears, whom seem to be wrapped in their own world.
Listen to you your wise men and women, such as:
Sarah Malone, and Sir. Award Leigh:
Stop plunging through America’s hot bean fields.
Go to the French and protest their Anti-Semitism.
Go protest Jack London’s “People of the Abyss”.
How about the corpses you mutilated, children and all in Iraq!
Was this not an act of terrorism, you should be brought to your own International Criminal Court of Justice, for war crimes.
What can I say, it’s a two-way highway, self-rightness, and humanitarian reasons, national security, and now you use: violent speech, to justify your motives to ban a potential President of America, this is unheard of in the Free World—
As the saying goes: what goes around comes around; better yet, you may lose the goat and the rope.
Tell the House of Common: monkey see, monkey do.

Dlsiluk © Copyright
For the Chapbook “War, Death and Presidents”