Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Unknown Beast


The Unknown Beast
(Out of Time Warps and Space)


Those who have read the prior eleven Science Fiction vignettes in this collection, reams have been written concerning the reliable solutions on time travel and looking though a porthole into time past or present in other spheres, which can project and develop into historical analects, if not faded and theorized for lack of clarity; nonetheless, solutions on time past, of what took place or will come about, those projects received by the Space Station in Louisiana, are as real even if from a different reality in space and time, time-warps exist. Thus no need to belabor this theme, we can cut off the fat, and get to the meat and bones of the story. We are entering three time zones, 1369 A.D., and the Bronze Age (or so it would appear), and the New Age, that of today, —2015.
       In this account I was as much in the dark at first as everyone else at the Louisiana Space Station. I had stopped by to visit a new employee a scientist, and old Army buddy, by the name of Dr. G.B. McGee, or Butch for short.
       I had broken-off an engagement in Lima, with a few congressmen, running for the 2016 Elections; but having not seen Butch for 40-years, not seeing him was out of the question.
       On the account I am going to tell you, let me first say, how uncertain collateral details can be,  they are often not what you imagined they could be, that being quite mysterious and baffling, to scientists, who are skeptics in the first place of the phantasmal and theological world that surrounds us. And so you might say for some of the experts at the Space Center, this story will never be completely explained, but it was Butch (a Cosmologist) who brought it to a better understanding nonetheless: equivalent to its surrounds.
       His Ph.D., hypotheses was on Creationism in Physics, and went something like this: ‘God created matter and antimatter, and by avoiding mutual destruction in the early universe it left behind residue that evolved into stars and galaxies of life. Both antimatter and matter play slightly different roles with different laws of physics, why? Because Physics 14-billion years ago was different than physics nowadays. Why? The universe had no history, space had to be plugged into the new account, and thus it was adrift in the cosmos for a while. Just like there was no atomic bomb in 1920. Nature must discriminate between matter and anti-matter. We can see 250-light-years away into the constellation Ursa Major, and collect data, with the Super WASP (Wide Angle Search for Plants) in the Canary Islands, but it is Quantum theory’s, that are becoming readily usable, that have allowed us to search for the stronger force of gravity, which appears to have an electric charge (QED), electromagnetism, where physics melts into geometry, where gravitational waves allow us to understand black holes. Space-time, says Mr. McGee, demands a 4th direction, or dimension, loosely speaking.  Time varies depending on the speed of the observer. Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity (dependency or relativeness) got rid of ‘Absolute time’ and ‘rest’. He mixed gravity (which is the force of nature by which objects attract each other). Hence, in accordance, space-time is distorted by mass and energy, it creates a curvature. Space is four-dimensional, paths are bent.  What we hope to see are the effects of the past, with gravitational waves, in light and extract them.’ And since that hypotheses was written, it has been done.  And of course this is where the information and our projections come from, in this story, and account.

The Account

Light clings, like a limb-fire, in lack of a better expression, it’s changeable, but it clings all the same, and sometime in the Bronze Age I presume, or it could be the Stone Age or even the Iron Age—who’s to say for certain as in a subterraneous connecting manifestation of light (the figure we say, which I will explain in a moment)—, a rhino like beast, dimly the horror of its body was three heights of a standing man, was captured in the porthole of time at the Space Center.
        It swayed like an ox, and its eyes glowed like fire-balls, and the eyes were set deep together in a nose-less face, just a horn in its place, it was flaring venomously, wrathful, running rapidly, as if something was chasing it per near alongside of it, at a very rapid speed, the somebody was a ambiguous shadow at first. The next projection, or scene was of the beast lying dead with a wide gash in its back, the spine had been shattered. The marrow of the spine had been devoured, “How does one surmise the nature of the creature that killed it?” I questioned, those around the table, several of us were examining the results of the projection; all colleagues of mine, myself being retired from the Center. “Especially,” I added, “in such a fashion!”  While awaiting my amigo, who was in another room analyzing some data, evidently pertaining to this very issue.
       Then someone at the table said, “Wolves…”
       It didn’t strike me it would be likely, but whatever creature it was—its indent was cadaverous in nature, plus it loved only the spinal marrow, of which evidently it was pleasing, if not horrific to imagine. After the slaying or killing had taken place and the marrow removed the carcass was no longer molested. The next display, or projection, that was depicted, was of a demon like creature hidden in a lair.
       The question came “From what planet, galaxy are we getting this feedback? Past or present? Or future?” Asked a middle aged scientist, having just met him, I lost his name to oblivion: he asked the assemblage at the table of scientists awaiting my friend Professor McGee, whom was looking into this very issue. 
       Inside the liar were lit torches deep cave tunnels, crumbling vaults, it reminded me of Bram Stoker’s haunted Vampire stories.
       Was this creature, the real monster, or beast, not the rhino? Whatever the case, our conclusions were that he went out nightly hunting, but were they simply deeds of terror, out of boredom? What else could it be? And were we talking about a creature as in the ‘Beowulf Legend.’
       As I looked at a refined version of the light ripples being extracted, and put into a movie form of fuzzy cinematography, the demon like creature was silent, uttering not one sound and when he moved he was swift, like a cobra. He was for the most part, nondescript, and could have been Grendel’s brother. Then my amigo, scientist Butch came into the room, awaken all of us, as we were daydreaming on speculations, off came the black robe of mystery, he was indeed a demon cast out of some primitive human in the year 1369 A.D., and somehow, a window was opened into the past, a porthole of which he was cast back in time into a more primitive age by Exorcism for his unspeakable Blasphemous. He was an echo of the past, captured in light for the present, in a ripple of time.
       Dr. McGee, explained, after I and he gave each other a hug for old time sake, “Gentlemen, understanding the universe requires that particles and their antiparticles, which have the same mass but opposite charge, act contrarily. That is to say, matter-antimatter actually explains why the universe which was originally created in equal parts of matter and antimatter, whereas matter predominated in the long run, had it not we’d be in a dim cold alley. Irregularity being the phenomenon here. I cannot explain the multitude of matter over antimatter in the universe today, but God can, if only we could get him to open the vault he’d got it hidden in. This brings to light, what we have discovered in the ripple of time.”
       Well, my old buddy got over my head on this, it didn’t explain the whole phenomenon to me, so I went to see another amigo, Father Marcelo, an Exorcist, in Lima, Peru, and here is what he said:  “Let us not forget, God lives in many realities and he can send demons to those realities, they are just creatures of God, no more. And reading light, well, that’s beyond me, but God doesn’t do anything according to the laws of lopsidedness, unless it is to straighten things out that could accumulate!”