Monday, January 11, 2016

Mount Fuji: A Tower of God

The Author, 9000-feet up, on Mt. Fuji, July 1999

I was simply not over fascinated watching the unveiling and lifting clouds of Mt. Fuji (in the forenoon)
Standing nine-hundred feet below its dome! (July of, 1999)

But on the train back to Tokyo, outside my window the ritual of twilight was descending over Fuji—

I sat breathless, all that I wanted to say, had to wait…  Had I not, I would have spilled the water and cracked the pot—
Where in essence, I saved the pot, and spilt the water!

And for that, seen the likes of one of God’s great towers…!

#4987/1-10-2016 / Note: The author/poet visited Japan in 1999, and thanks to a good friend, visited Mt. Fuji (Kikue Nishihara); incidentally, this is the first poem the poet has written on Japan, which is perhaps long overdue.  Mt. Fuji is 12, 389 feet