Friday, February 20, 2015

Three Poems


Late Train to Haguenau (1974)

From Dieburg, to Strasbourg to Haguenau, France
On a late train, with a wild thought we went—
Cody keeping himself occupied with a toy car:
Set his blood astir; aroused and awake,
Glitter in his eyes (at three; he’s silent but wondering):
Youth tossing in balance with his life, on this late train seat:
I marveled: O’ Lord what does he think?
What would he say if he could: fitter days to come?

No: 4701/ 2-20-2015 (4:00 a.m.)


The Hearth in Amsterdam (1975)


My boy, my boy, I know, more than another
What makes your heart beat so!
All shuffled there, it’s been a long train ride,
From Babenhausen, to Amsterdam; now—
Now sitting warm, nearby a guesthouse’s hearth
Chilled is the wind outside its doors!
What made us dream, as it were all life’s epitome.3

No: 4702/ 2-20-2015 (4:15 a.m.)



          The Meadows of Garmisch (1976)
Cody thumb in mouth, the Poet, and Sawn, in Garmisch, Germany in 1976, by the meadow…

And now in my old age, time’s over the moon,
Yet, it shall not rob me of my joys,
For those far-off days shall be courted,
Those days in Garmisch’s meadows,
Strolling with my twin-boys.

For Cody and Shawn
No: 4700 (2-18-2015)

Note: Although Garmisch is in the mountains, and a skiing resort, it is in a valley of sorts, and in certain areas there are grazing lands, this is the essence of the poem, not necessarily the mountains, although they make for a nice background.

Note: two poems to be added to the forth coming book: “Stars over Germany” which has been: a work in progress for nine years, of which are twenty-two poems, complete. To be out in 2016 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Who is Allah?

I think Allah is the old Baal of Palestine, of 4000 B.C., come back in a ghostly reincarnation, around 600 A.D.
This is of course an opinion, not a fact, who’s to say, who knows Allah, but Allah.
He may be the Muslim god, but he’s not of any Christian origin, or for that matter, Jewish ingenious, or foreknowledge, or linked to Elohim; god forbid, should he be.
Indeed we have suspicions of this certain Islamic deity, whom we do not know what he can do, and whatever he does do…
But we do know what his followers can do, and have done, and want to do.
Pope Benedict, warned us of this Allah, he felt it was his duty; and what is a warning other than a threat lingering somewhere in the liberal darkness, with intent to destroy Jesus and usher in a new age of Islam.
As I was about to say, after Pope Benedict warned us Christians, was it not  Allah who sent people to warn Pope Benedict he was stepping into death row should he continue his guff on their religious belief? As the Islamic Group ISIS, has warned now, the President of the United States today (2-10-2015) by saying: “We are watching you,” and we all know what that infers, no quizzes here.
Was it not Allah, who sent a Muslim Warrior to kill a previous pope?
And of course, we have 9/11 to credit Allah and his followers with.
What is my point?  It is the premise: Who is Allah?
There are lots of things I want to know, and I’d like to know who Allah is, he’s getting a pretty horrific reputation.
The truth is, I haven’t a lot to go on.
“Is he mad?” I ask myself.
“Has he gone over the edge?”
When you hear of all these killings, I nod my head, and don’t know what to say.
We all know in America, Obama is not a Muslim, nor a Christian, nor a Jew, he too, is mysterious, for who is he? He’s like Allah; perhaps more like some impertinent question mark.
Well, I shouldn’t be telling you this, this is off the record: we’ve been waiting for Obama a long time, us Christians, he’s written in the Good Book, he’s here to destroy America, and he’s doing a good job of it, and then after that, Armageddon!
And to be frank, He’s too cleaver to let ISIS, murder him (remember, he’s the one who got ben Laden, perhaps they forgot), as they would like to do. And as he has stated, as Obama has stated: he believes Allah could be, might be, God Almighty, if this is true, Obama might be playing double-spy, for both sides.  

No: 4697/2-11-2015

A Sudden Death

Impassioned Prose Poetry

I wanted to say it was all nonsense, when I heard it.
I wanted to reassure myself of this—
This Bad news, perhaps was misunderstood news, why?
Because bad news is hard to swallow promptly.
“Yes, it was bad news!” I told myself.
“It’s not possible,” I urged my mind’s eye.
“It’s not possible for in a moment’s time, that one can die so suddenly, being so young!”
“Isn’t it?”
I talk to myself a lot in such times.
You don’t believe it at first, —you can’t believe it—
But I have in the past already admitted the possibility of such a thing, sudden death, a young death, I’ve seen it before—
Otherwise I’d not be writing what I’m writing, now would I.
And to be frank, believing and then it actually happening, makes it worse!
But evidence, is evidence, there’s a dead man in the coffin to prove it…
And to be honest, the older you get, the less evidence you need.
Becoming ill over a death, is also a form of supplementary evidence, and his wife I think is ill, belief just hitting her, with knee jerks, stomach pain, it all comes with the package.
“It’s just a death—something of that kind,” someone mumbles in the background.
I mean, it’s not the worse or the best kind of death, sudden death, and we all got to face it, sudden or not! — Not bury our heads in the sand until it’s too late to make peace with God.
This is not ridiculous mumbo jumbo, no bag of tricks here!
The devil traps us, he creates an atmosphere that appears important:
This is really concealment!
He doesn’t want you to hear the voices at the distance; you see, the angels are calling (and he’s got his radio loud!)…

No: 7-9-2015/ No: 4695
DLSiluk © 2/2015

It’s Too Late!

Impassioned Prose Poetry

It’s too late to enter into explanations about my life, and for those who have hurt me, I must hold my tongue!
What is done, is done!
Mind you don’t utter a word,” my mind’s-eye, tells me, “It’s a privilege to be alive at your age!”
But nobody’s giving into explanations at this very moment anyhow.
I know there’s a faint malice in this tone—
Don’t let it rouse your curiosity, like a windmill:
I have been given to understand that all will be ironed out elsewhere;
I very much doubt it, it needs to be settled here on earth…
That other person is not very well informed!
Earth is the specialized place in the removal of unwanted persons…;
For Heaven hardly a new Idea!

No: 4696/ 2-10-2015

DLSiluk © 2/2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Galilean (Poem for the Soul) by Dr. Dennis L. Siluk

The poems within this volume consist of a series called: “The Galilean” 87-poems out of 653 have been selected, from six chapbooks of which six thousand copies have been handed out freely to:  churches, individuals and facilities seeking the wisdom of the scriptures concerning Jesus Christ’s love and salvation; three chapbooks were sent to Pope Francis whom gave a favorable response.  
This is the author’s Magnus Opus in poetry. 
Deep into the book’s inner-core one will discover its mysteries: those seldom brought to light. (A two year project.)
Very soon at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Abe, and other book dealers.

ISBN: 978-1-4917-5906-6 (sc), ISBN: 978-1-4917-5907-3 (e)

Ten Poems Dealing with Being!

Impassioned Prose Poetry/10-poems

1)         Leaves , and the Alcoholic

Part One

The leaves on the path of the alcoholic must be blown away!
Lest s/he sets his face in the opposite direction towards the past—
Not the future.
He is left with really the, be all, — the End, Nothing!
He needs to think of today—now—the immediate moment!
Take no account of anything else but sobriety.
And you, I ask: “Are your desires strong enough—that is what matters!”
I’m afraid, you know, that you’re talking to a recovered drunk,
One who’s faced the opposite direction, towards the past.
One who’s shrugged his shoulders at the future! Once upon a time!
Things of that kind!
I shook my head doubtfully, but now I got 31-years sobriety!
Remember we know, or are beginning to know something about
The animal in alcohol—
Brain-washing, in that direction: in both body and mind, which responds
To certain stimuli—
All life is dangerous, so don’t give me that crap that you can drink
Without disability!
You are a drinking machine that can supply all the answers to questions in seconds, I know that, –I used to carry them in my hip pocket too, just in case I needed to argue for my deity.
No drunk can love God, more than alcohol, it is one or the other:
Alcohol is an idol that puts God in second place: you love one more than the other, that’s how it works!
As Christ inferred: not even Satan can live in a house divided. 
You have an electronic brain, that claims you have beaten the jungle, but
That victory is only temporary.

Part Two

A man who lives alone, develops a need to talk—
So he talks to anyone, and perhaps not wisely…
There is nothing new about this; the formula for sobriety is not
To be alone, relapse has been built on this, seek out AA-Members
If need be!
Don’t let the man who sits in the bar pull the strings.
One needs something to compensate for loneliness…
I won’t offer you my sympathy, I went through it!
But if you are sober now you have turned unforeseen disaster into triumph.
This is a proof.
You have blown the leaves out of your pathway!...

The secret of success is something quite simple—
You are staring at it.
Something simple—something as simple as the removal of unwanted
Leaves, fulfilling a need.
An action performed—before you become the victim.
Executed by—whom? You!

No: 4694/Part One:  2-8-2015/Part two: 2-9-2015
For the Alcoholic

2)            A Sad Day

I don’t want to shrink, nor shirk the issue—
It won’t do anyone any good.
A death is a death, and can be horrific!
He dies as a result of unknown complications at forty-one!
And you got to go on…
By gosh, that’s young, and to go on is hard to do!
You begin to think, ‘I could be next, or him or her?’
And how will I die? That comes into question.
What you have never imagined before has happened!
Now you realize, death is real, and can be horrific!
You don’t need to imagine it any longer
It’s realism thrown in your face!
You may be right, too many questions flood’s the mind
During such times! (Best to see the doctor,
Get some medication if need be.)
After this, this business of a funeral and so on, once it
Is over, you keep in close touch with those most close to you:
Those you can trust, intimately!
“I shall do this, go there, and see her, him…?” These are
Really statement-questions, you are asking yourself…
As if asking God for permission, time, more time, because
You just learned, time is not a commodity.
No sense in getting mad at God, He has made it clear: we all
Have a short day coming: it’s written in stone!
Your comings and goings have been so rapid you’ve
Paid no attention to the inevitable (naturally);
You need to slow down, smell the roses as they say
No use looking too far ahead: today and tonight will do for
Now! (Any more than that, you may sink deep into depression
And that will not do….)
Best to pray for all those things you’ve asked of yourself;
   Angels and God’s grace protects us, but you got to
Still rake the leaves, cut the hedges, and pick the barriers.

No: 4691/for: MH & ZH (2-6-2015)

3)             The Death Spell  (Obamaism)

What causes mass hysteria?
It’s a phenomenon that really does exist—
Just look at Obama’s first presidential election.
It’s not mumbo jumbo!
Could it be a ritual, —linked to a pattern of words?
And phrases, sanctified by time and the media?
All this having an effect on the human spirit?
I don’t know, I’m guessing.
But I know Obama knows!
His worldwide mass hysteria was incomprehensible to me.
People sure worked themselves up to some pitch
Of obscene ecstasy.
I called it then, and I still call it now: “The Death Spell.”

No: 4693/2-7-2015
For Obama

4)            I Look at Him

I don’t mind what a man thinks, although it alters the odds a bit—
I get a sort of feeling about a person
But when he knows more than I know about myself, it’s a delicate hint
That later I will feel the loss, or the pinch, or be put to the test!

No: 4687/ 2-7-2015
Dedicated to the World Governments

5)            A Blameless Life

I shouldn’t advise you
Don’t ask me why, I haven’t the least idea—
I don’t know, and I don’t want to know!
Let’s leave it at that! —
But my advice is as follows:
The blameless life that is what we aim at
But you can only find that on top of Cap Horn
Where only one family is allowed to live.
(I’ve been there, I know…)
That’s all I can tell you!

No: 4688/2-7-2015

6)             Boredom

Out of boredom, or perhaps out of stress and strain, one can swallow the earth in one great stretch, break one’s spleen while doing it, and may very well escape the abyss that s/he has fallen into by creating tentative illusions, or long lived delusions, ideal for one’s mind.
       Seeking out the naked truth, or leaving it alone: best to leave it alone if you’re an atheist.
        Good besides Evil, Good against Evil, Good or else Evil: to each his own: to one it  is painful, whereas to another, it is indifference, and still to some, either one penetrates right into the bone, and to some they are numb to either one.
       What was once universal horror and disgust, is today contemporary or posthumous jargon.
       We have abandoned original sin, and now call it existential psychobabble.

No: 4683/2-6-2615

7)             Old Fool!

When a young fool comes to realize he’s a young fool, he has time to correct it—
But when an old fool comes to realize he’s an old fool, that’s a picture of disillusionment.

No: 4684/2-7-2015
For Old Poets

8)             Urgency

Be careful of the man that plays the fool—
Ask: “Why does he behave like this?”
If it appears quite unnatural, then it is!
The odds are not on your side,
I would wager on it.
The sooner the better, get out of there.

No: 4685/2-7-2015

9)             Idle Curiosity

I have acquired a sixth sense where danger is concerned!
And tamed my curiosity throughout the years, somewhat—
Lest I be burnt at the stake!
And that has made a big difference in my life.
Believe me, there is something genuine in it,
There probably is—but not for those who still stick their
Nose where it doesn’t belong—:
It doesn’t have a good effect on those people.

No: 4689/ 2-7-2015
Dedicated to ‘Greenpeace’

10)       Sick Sheep

Let me be blunt about the matter—
One thing I do ask the reader:
Keep an open mind.
Being in love can have a very bad effect on men!
It shatters their good sense.
Funny, if you think of it—
That it should suit women to make a man look like
A sick ewe! Catty, but more true than false.

No: 4690/ 2-7-2015

For Catty Women