Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Great Gaunt Shadow


The Great Gaunt Shadow
 (Out of Time, Hell and Space/Revelation 9)(In Poetic Prose))

(From a sealed cylinder)

From   a crimson graft caught moon, on an ominous and gibbous night
A beast appeared, not of man or earth, with the head of a lion, that smokes with brimstone, out of its mouth, appeared—
With a tail liken to a serpent’s, with a head of teeth, —surely to bit and sting, man!
Thus, next came fleeing before my eyes, like a pale horizon, Lucifer’s demon, panting without pause near the moon’s edge—
So resigned whatever my befall them.
“Why do they tarry?” I said.
Alas, to instruct, he, who Lucifer has summoned, from the black breath of Tartarus.
His face portrayed, a ghostlier than death or decay, with a nauseous pliability! His claws uncovered by the moon’s light.
There he paces, this great gaunt shadow from the fathomless depths of hell who came not at its own hour or will, but verily I now summoned from Tartarus’ hidden chambers, deep below Earth’s crust, called Hell—
A massager of Lucifer’s, he whispers: “When I come, I will curdle earth with unknown fears, and the time is drawing near! Why else would I be here?”