Friday, January 8, 2016

McGee’s Black Eden ((Worlds Beyond) (with Dr. G.B. McGee))



Like a   dreamer in a dream— Dr. G. B. McGee had come upon a space and time portal within the new forming Spiral Galaxy. He had been searching for his mysterious Dark Planet that seemingly got thrown about when the previous Galaxy’s black hole burped up all its insides, in forming this smaller and more balanced Galaxy. Thus, this undiscovered world was newly discovered again, but things were different this time. Still at the Louisiana Space Station, 2020 A.D., while in the room with the giant telescope, this so called gateway, opened up expressively to permit his entrance. All he need do was step beyond the mouth of the aurora, into a new dawn. That is to say, allow himself to be swallowed up into its gorge of some monstrous mysterious unknown depths.
       Perilously he stood up from his chair, figured this ongoing exploration of the Dark Planet had absorbed him night and day, and here it was at his disposal, as if God gave the Universe a mind of its own, and allowed it to share its mysteries,  or on the other hand, was this some game some prankish demon was playing? After that last thought his body fell into a black panic, was this Dark Planet, that no longer was dark, some outpost for an alien race? So his inner-soul questioned.  The mind can trigger many imaginations when it has no genuine feedback.
       Thus, he fumbled some, tottered a bit, and secured his footing as not to fall accidently into the portals mouth. But ere, the portal turned into a rough-arched passage which pushed out warm aromatic wind, he could breathe it all in, it came right from the planet. Dazzled and bewildered, he had found the Dark Planet, but according to his readings with the gravitational waves, it was 1.5 million years from the previous reading that went back beyond three million years.  What should be his next reading should he stay, or if he was to step into the gateway, would he be the new world’s first Adam, or just a lone survivor who took it upon himself to explore other worlds, and got lost on this one? 
       He no longer saw the original planet’s aging despotic sun, but a fertile solar system around a giant sun, —in measureless space. The planet although empty of human life—so he pondered, it looked from where he stood, gorgeous with foliage, although he could see fiery air, here and there.   This was his Dark Eden. Weird, yes, and again was this a work of some jealous demon? Hoping he would intrude, thinking he would yield to his craving of discovery. Plus, as he pondered, it came to mind, how would he get back? Gateways don’t always have a way back only to.
       The portal was like a living substance. Its glow dropped around him, then unable to resist, his appetence, his craving and desire took over his whole being and he allowed himself to be devoured, swift and warm he fell though the portal of space and time, that nearly suffocated him, then falling as if from an airy height, he was on the surface of his Black Eden, his once lost and dark planet.  Alone.  Without even an ominous echo from Hell or Heaven.
       He trembled ‘What now’ he said out loud. He peered fearfully about, it was rich with foliage as he had previous glanced, and the atmosphere was fresh and clean, he could survive and build shelter, but he had Goosebumps, something was wrong, very wrong, and his body knew it before his mind could digest it. What was it? Then he noticed some of the plant life, flowers with big shaped ear like cones, they heard what he said, he knew this as one knows, the devil his behind him.  He made a few more utterances, and the ears moved, and then he knew he to them, was a trespasser!

On second thought, as days passed into months, whatever portal opened up for Dr. McGee, it now gave him more food for thought: there surely would appear sooner or later the opposite sex, why else would he have been brought here.  And he knew his key genes in his immune system was ancient, in that he was one of the 3% of humanity that carried  genetic DNA from the Neanderthals, of 60,000 B.C.,  which had the ability to fight disease, this could play a key role in the immune system of tomorrow for Dr. McGee’s Dark Eden. That is to say, at some point in this world’s history, it would be advantages to have a fighting-off source for infections or lethal pathogens, from an ancient source, whereupon, on this planet, there was no human life that he knew of yet, but him. Hence, his DNA would help or put up a front line of defense against bacteria, fungi and parasites. The problem now was to wait and see. And hope in the meantime, those large ears of flora couldn’t outthink him.
No: Vignette 4 (with Dr. McGee)