Saturday, July 5, 2014

War Verses


Syria, Baffled Fury in War
(War Verse)

Caked with blood, up to the knees, he stands
With guns and cannons mounted
All round him—
Baffled fury, he is coming, he is strong!
And with the lion’s heart, relentlessly intends
To shake the walls of heaven—
With the power of darkness;
He who has broken bread with the beast!
Thus, bind death and hell well—
Until the venom cease,
And the force of war, for Syria, forevermore is
Shackled in steel and iron.

No: 4443/ 7-5-2014


War-Lords of Russia & China
(War Verse)

Is it not true, —
Those most willing to cast the shadow of the sword,
Does so on weaker lands?
To make their hearts grow cold!
They say, “You will reap our cannons, thus, plow
To our command!”
At your altars, stand desolation…!
(We see this most recently in the Ukraine, Hong Kong,
and Tibet, in the South Sea Islands of the Philippines…
and those not far-off from Japan)
Your hearts are of conquest as of old.
Your cries of peace do not deceive men; you have
Upon your brow murder, the mark of Cain.

No: 4442/ 7-5-2014


Bestial Heritage
(War Verse)

Let not our footsteps stray!
Like in México, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela—
Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Palestine—;
How deep into the night you waif
How long the better paths you delay.
How firm you lock the gates of brotherhood,
Guard them with monstrous armies and blinding rage.
A bestial heritage that goes back a long ways.
Traitors to the human race!
Let not our footsteps stray, deeper into the abyss…
In that abyss where monstrous great, wake and live
With fiendlike battle-rage.

No: 4441/ 7-5-2014


Monsters in the Abyss
(War Verse)

The sight one sees in created, is it not
By the monsters one puts into the abyss?
If all the abyss is savage, who do we blame?
Is it not the Generals and their War-lords?

No: 1632/ 1-25-2006