Friday, July 18, 2014

Sonnet of the: War House of the Kremlin

Sonnet of the:
War House of the Kremlin

The Russian word goes, and armies to
They will do the work with the devils face
With the new world order, they go in haste
On old cobblestone pathways, Czars once knew;
Still recalling the death stain of World War Two.
For them, old records, are still un-erased!
Forgone are those harsh days, the Russians faced.
Now they fly high where once the eagles flew.

Below the bright and shiny shifting suns,
Man turns his back to the madness, revealed!
His primordial folly, and still his crime,
And on the breast of the earth, leaves his scars
Taking up arms, draws forth his hilted steel,
To create new harsh battlefields, for new times.

No: 4475 (7-18-2014)