Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Coward (Part I of II)

The Coward
(Part I of II)

       “I only know we don’t live twice,” said the coward in Sidney, who ran away from war in Vietnam, back in ’71.
       “Shun death at any price,” was his earnest and foremost advice—
For me (while I was on R & R, in Sidney, from the war…)
And he stood firm in my direction.
Perhaps I was overbold:
I, who would have no end of war, — until victory: thought him an obstinate coward—
I, who would rather die a brute of war, than a coward in some dime and nickel store, in Sidney!

Potency of War
(Part II of II)

Now, old with hollow cheeks, too weak a body, yet strong the soul:
I have never had the darkest doubt of my role in war, —nor,
To any high degree, took into consideration my country being right or wrong—
All here, what wonders are in war?
Faint and far, —a fugitive from God perhaps!
War can be an absolute bliss! — In that you leave earth behind!
No want, whatever will be, is now:
Nothing begins, or ends!...
No hope, no fear—; beams of courage blast out of you!
Above and below and around.

No: 4493 (7-27-2014)