Monday, July 7, 2014

Sonnet of the Black Beatle in Sandalwood

Sonnet of the Black Beatle in

The beetles have drunken the undying wine
     The same that spirits in obscurity sups.
      Hidden above nests the black beetle slides,
Snubbed the unwean, of a mammal whimpers; 
The owl has found a calm-abode, sublime.
      The waves’ in the void, in the beetles’ lips.
       O Troy, they are in your retuning ships!
The collapsed summit, an unhinged symbol!

Yea!  Agamemnon, hear your voiceless wife!
     Hatred sweet as sandalwood, infinity—
       Her cry of avenge for bane, unfinished—
She stands as one whose heart at midnight wanes
      On a cold shore; whose needs her soul set free,
        And hears the blind waves hissing the finished.

No: 4450/ 7-7-2014