Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sonnet to a: Minnesota’s Wintery Nights

Sonnet to a:
Minnesota’s Wintery Nights

The winter wind of a Minnesota
Night, is deep; a ghostly haunting presence.
The wind upon the icy lakes, sleek but meek.
Walking into the wind takes perseverance!
Thus, a vast and high spirit, one must keep—
Keep, like a vigil, a night watch of life
Lest the hour come and labor make you sleep;
You need a hidden voice to tell you when.

From hour to hour one goes, converts to numbness,
Before the night ends: patient in half stride.
Beware, within winter’s night, man succumbs:
To winter’s burdensome rudiments, tidings—
This is a Minnesota’s winter mystery:
Where night tells not if life, or death is dream.

No: 4481 (7-21-2014)