Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sonnet: Dark Flight over the Ukraine

Dark Flight over the Ukraine

She falls, she falls, so pitiless unbarred. 
The gates of heaven held her uniquely high,
Where crowns of war, made her assassins unbowed!
In whom the kingdoms of Russia Lie!
Their eyes stare evil, and see afar
Their heat cold and bitter, and they war hard.
Out of the heavens, shot down from her walls
Flight MH-17, over the Ukraine, from Malaysia.

Russia alone, the truly unmerciful
Obama playing the dummy riddle—
The world in a state of bewilderment!...
And three hundred dead, families in a rage.
The grieving to assassins, a futile thing!
On the horizon, a new mystery.

No: 4482 (7-21-2014)