Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Crow (…or Song of the Crow)

The Crow
(…or Song of the Crow)

Heavy he leans his tired head
Where once he wore a crown
Tarnished gray-wings his world rests:

Too weak
To stand the ground.
His dark stare shows a silence
Where once there was light
Is life not a test my friend?
However will you fly again?
Touch the heavens:
Glide with the

   You are a mystery my friend
   A mystery within…
   What is the quest within in your eyes?
  Who are those masters that rule?
I hear your cry:

“Give back to me the sky!”

Note: Written © 9-5-1999/Written at Barnes and Noble in Roseville, Minnesota, by Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. h.c. (Poet Laureate, Peru) (No: 180) Published in the book “Sirens” 2004 (Revised and edited 7-2014) This poem was written in regards to the author’s illness in 1996 (MS) Whereas, the artist Yang Yang, made four paintings of the crow in regards to the poet’s struggle for recover, this is one of the paintings, and the  poem he wrote concerning the paintings….and his recovery. (Yang Yang Art Gallery, Chicago)