Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lima, the City of Little Silence

Lima, the City of Little Silence
(Lima, City of Eight-million)

Deeper than the oceans’ unsubdued roar,
Are the colossal voices of the city’s strong!
Where men, and fellow-women swarm…
As if in captivity, but how to escape the city’s
Commotion, its torrents of bone and flesh!
Here, voices that to loneliness, belong!
And to voices that find silences, a song!
For me, I ask, how may I find a little silence?
Thine angel whispers in my ear, in solitude…
“Where the mountains hold a realm of peace,
Here is where you will find stillness, in its
And thus, I stand in my city-garden, for
And search my horizon to find this peace—
Craving, if only for an hour, and then head on
       to the mountains’ gates.

No: 4426 (6-30-2014)