Friday, July 18, 2014

The Dark & Narrow Zone

(Bearer of the Torch) Poetic Prose

Who are the bearers of the New Torch?
Who are the new lords of the universe?
The scientist has asked, why: “Is there something rather than nothing?”
It’s all a dilemma for them—
Most everything is theoretical—
They have proclaimed “Philosophy is dead”
And in the same breath, so is religion.
Thus, what is left, but Science?
They now are using subatomic scales to teach man’s existence.
Quantum theories, which is hard to explain:
Something like teaching a reality theory, that is to say: just because Greenland looks so big, doesn’t mean it is: matter of fact, it is more the size of Mexico.
Thus, what you see is not reality—oversimplified but a fact.
Here is what they’ve done: they’ve put: Plato, Newton, and gravity into a boil of crickets, only to find out, Gravity was already there, waiting;
And just what did they see?
Dark Matter—antimatter, woops, the birth of the Universe.
So they proclaim!
How so? Subatomic particles.
They think “Now we have it.”
But what do they have? Is the following question.
Now where is God? No one knows, they have put him into the fossil box.
Perhaps the Maya knows? (If so, it is also theoretical, and the scientist wouldn’t gamble, they need a discovery for the Nobel.)
Now the scientist checks Twitter to see how many followers he has!

Now if I were God, and I am not, I would be asking:
“Are you still looking for those new fossils?”
But man doesn’t listen, he keeps looking for that special bizarre species, from his so called dear past, on the same dimensional planet he lives on: as if he is in some dark universe embedded in some rock in the stomach of a creature with a parrot like beak, ready to spit him out and swallow him back in again.
If he was wise, he’d buy a self-sharpening scissor.

I question their main goal, and think it is to replace God; perhaps I’m wrong, but it appears to sway that way…
If man indeed has lived as long as scientists have said, should we not be vacating on Pluto?
I mean, in 150-years, we’ve came from the horse and buggy stage to landing our apparatuses on Mars, and photographing it, and circling Jupiter; from gazing at the moon to walking on it. From the sword to the nuclear time bombs. From the candle to lightening up the earth worldwide, with a glow you can see from outer space. 

How can what we see and know to be, without God?
The earth’s orbit has an eccentricity of about two percent; thus, it is nearly a circle.
Is this not a stroke of good luck, or good fortune, so the scientist would say?
And by the tilt of the earth’s axis and orbit around the sun, which predicts seasonal weather patterns— is this also not a stroke of good luck and good fortune?
And the North Pole, just happens to be tilted a tinge away from the sun, again good fortune?
How about the fact the closest we get to the sun is 91.5 million miles, opposed to 94.5 in July, our hottest month—in other words it’s pretty regulated.
Is all this coincidental: luck and good fortune?
Now take Mercury: 20% eccentricity: making its planet 200-degrees Fahrenheit; it would seem they got the bad luck and bad fortune, earth somehow avoided.
Should earth inherit Mercury’s orbit to the sun in the far-off future, we’d boil our oceans to nothing.

Question: when does good luck stop being good luck and good fortune stop being good fortune?
That is to say:  when does facing the facts come into order?
The fact is, we’ve been put into a habitable zone by someone, whom we given the name to as: God, narrow as this dark zone is, it is.
And who gave God the name God?  We did.
And the reason for all this good luck and good fortune is: God’s love for his creations: that being: mankind and earth?
Matter of fact, God never said he was God, he said: “I am your Creator!” inferring we are his creation as is everything else: and he told us: “I will be your God,” and inferred he was the Most High; meaning when we select others to be gods among men, they are subordinate to him: that infers the god of science too.

Is it really so hard to believe Plato said what he said, opposed to God saying what he said; in each case, man has proclaimed each have said what they said they said?
How about: Washington and Lincoln.
It’s all documentation I’m talking about now, no one seen God, no one seen Washington or Lincoln, or for that matter Plato; no one alive today that is.  But many have proclaimed to have seen Jesus, and Mary, again the scientist or doctors would say hogwash.
It is the only thing they could say, lest they step beyond their training.

The Brain
& the Uncanny Valley

Now that we looked at the scientist and their projected theories, let’s look at his brain:  I want to point out something of the brain, and by doing so we must have patience with this creature, love him for his deficits, for those God has made so wise, stumble too: scientists believe it or not live in an uncanny valley, more like anthropomorphic ducks, their brains focus on similarities: the horse vs. the unicorn: it can’t be the horse and we never saw a unicorn, so it must be something in-between!
Now it is embraced—this idea is embraced, for better or worse: no one has seen a unicorn, but we tolerate it all the same.
You see they focus on the differences, the unresolved conflict they feel, comes out of them for what reason?
For Scientific understanding.
Thus, they need to magnify it, until their shortfalls are all they see, and the real object in question, fades away, in this case God, or the unicorn, which is fantasy.
It is like they have a brain injury.
Should they not go this route, they would feel something got away from them!
They cannot bridge: science with God; that all these discovers, in God’s view, is simply ancient history, although new to them.
It is this uncanny valley they need to get out of!
And once in it, the brain becomes a dark and narrow zone.

Note: God reminds man five times in the Bible he is our Creator, Old and New Testaments. “Remember now thy Creator” Ec. 12:1; God says to man “I will be your God” Lv 26:12

No: 4472 ((Poetic Prose) (7-17-2014))