Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Poets, Writers and Editors

The editors of the establishment, they think, they think, but for the most they are think-less creatures, I mean thinkers—
But alas, they are the go-between the real thinkers.
In most cases the editors have in the past, failed as a writer, so they become an editor.
And these are the watchdogs for today’s literature.
As well as manuscript readers, and magazine editors, and book publishing editors, failure at their own writings, we get the most unfit, judging the most fit.
And these editors judge harshly, especially genius. As well, this stands for the reviewers, likewise.
They have failed in poetry as well as fiction; but the few great critics, and editors out there, and they are out there, for I know a few of them, but are as rare as comets.
Equally, true to this observation, we can add the great prize-giving’s: by editors, to whom they please: such as: the Pulitzer, the National Book Awards, the Nobel for Literature, The Bram Stoker Award, and a heap of others… they look more at who published the work, than the content; or the sales of the book, not the message; or it’s, who you know!
Then how does one win?
You must gamble, it is a thousand to one, because they will oppose you.
Ask God for a miracle.
Burn to ashes anything that gets in your way.
By and large, such people are battle-fatigued giants that are too stubborn to lay down dead, — 
And so they achieve the impossible.
The last hope: perhaps a real thinking editor makes it possible, that rare comet arrives, and surprises you! (Anything’s possible in one’s lifetime.)
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not out to change the world, I am just a poet telling you how the world is, as I see it.

No: 4464 (7-11-2014)