Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Something Loathing

(…Hospital Visit) 1994

The nightlight in the hall burned through the window, —
It threw at the end of my bed, a huge figure, he had no shadow.
Drawn in piercing outlines, the body shape of an angelic-power!
Dressed in white linen, almost liken to a doctor, —
I thought a moment: light and darkness!
(it was in the wee hours of morn)
Then, thereafter, ‘…how daring the demon is,’ I mused.
My pale body, weak, and frail, recovering from a stroke, heart surgery.
They crossed not into the narrow nave.
The Power watched, observed, He was: broad, bold and brave!
I knew not, but there was something loathing, near…!

No: 4456 (7-7-2014)