Monday, July 14, 2014

Sonnet of the:

Black Vultures of Tartarus

Man, high he stands, the day’s, stately dome
He holds all life in stillness, in Earth’s sky.
Deep down his heat, a reckless soul decries:
He has found Tartarus, the Black Vultures home.
And even deeper down, where imps, also roam;
Here all his lusts in a caldron sea lie;
Here he hears, strong mocking, of dead souls sigh!
Here he gleams like an emerald’s sea white foam

And most of all, joins the ungodly swarm—
As all Tartarus envious of men prepare
To bring more souls to their dome as one!
Their hearts scornful of man’s living soul, dare
To reach between Tartarus and the Sun.

Written 7-14-2014 (No: 4466)