Friday, July 18, 2014

Sonnet: War, in the House of Islam

War, in the House of Islam

Whose heart is led to war, and whose mind
With globalism on its edge to be?
Let him look of Islam and the sea,
As Arab, Person, Muslim rides the wind;
Yet higher must his heart, mind soar to find
What sign, what mark, of peace God has decreed?
For his mind is deep in night’s euphony,
As heaven denies her, and men are blind.

They seek the pathway, where the eagle flies,
As death howls across her hilted steel skies
Smiling on murderess creeds, their feet have trod,
Where buried bones, hilted steel, and death shine:
And fates of many souls, left without God!
Whom, swing down the abyss, onto Satan?

No: 4474 (7-18-2014)