Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Christian Gay Marriage

We now are getting more and more renegade priests, and so called self-made, scholarly Christians, proclaiming, or using—might be the better term, or even justifying gay marriages on the grounds of social stability: they imply ‘Let’s leave God out of this.’ Christians telling Christians to accept homosexual marriages; let me rephrase that, proclaimed Christians telling real Christians, if this be God’s will or not, that all this self-obsessed biblical thinking is paralyzing one’s reality, that we Christians should be more concerned with social stability—than God’s written laws, that children are really not affected by homosexual activities (how misguided can we be, that reminds me of actors saying, these are only movies, we can’t be blamed for how a person internalizes them, yet how untrue this is, they’d stop making movies, if the patron, was not emotionally involved, they’d go broke, matter of fact, songs in bars are centered for that very reason, sad, to get people to drink more). Will homosexual marriages serve the public? That is what is being said. That is their reasoning for justification for Christians to stop protesting gay marriages. Well, as Christ put it, “Give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar and to God what belongs to Him.” So what has the 20th and 21st Century’s done, and what are we in the process of doing now: it is called reinterpreting (if not reinventing) the Bible to sway their way. I think these homosexual Christians, and Priests think God is supposed to be working for them, not them for him. They got things a little backwards. For 1900-years we read the Bible as it was meant to be read, and for the last hundred or so years—in particularly in the last fifty, nothing anymore is offensive, it is surely the Obama era, we are seeping into muck. That’s the devil’s psychology: no questions asked, whatever you want, why shouldn’t you have it.

Written 2-22-2011 (Article)