Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Theory of: Space and Time (Revised)

 The Theory of:
Space and Time

By Dr. Dennis L. Siluk

Since I write some in the area of Science Fiction, I figured I’d write an essay on ‘Space and Time’, old stuff for the most part.
       First of all let me explain “Relativity” which simply means theory, as does “Quantum Theories” so when I say the Theory of Relativity I’m really saying, a theory in physics, Quantum meaning, nearly the same thing but beyond the normal gauge or measure of known physics, like Black Holes and Gravitational Waves, and so forth. But the Theory of Relativity is the older way of announcing Simple or Special Relativity, by Einstein. Whereas, Quantum Theories would seem to go to Stephen Hawkins. 
       What does all this mean?  The Theory of Relativity deals with space and time. Put another way, space can bend and time can be stretched. Quantum theory, is rather unsettling, it has more of a strangeness. For instance, if a star dies, if it gets close to the rim of a black hole, the gravity around the rim will pull it into the hole, and forever be part of that black hole, and never see the light of day again, yet on another note, the black hole may explode and create a new galaxy; strange is it not! It’s the new age physics. But back to the old Theory of Relativity.
       Space and time, bends and stretches, space is measured by the speed of light, light bends when in a gravitational field, as witnessed Moon to Earth.  The deeper the gravitational field  the slower the clock ticks, and still at the speed of light, time does not exist, thus if you could ride that Quantum Gravitational Wave created by some big burst of some dying star, you’d  not grow a day older.
       Time, Pluto is some seven billion miles away from earth, its atmosphere is 10% of earth’s; gravity is next to nil.  One day on Pluto, is six days on Earth. So you see how space, time and gravity play a part in the life of the universe.
      What exactly is gravity?  That’s a good question. It is a force, as “Star Wars” would say.  That is the best summation. But it is more than that. When a star loses its weight, its nuclear fuel, it also will lose its gravitational force to hold it together. One might say, gravity keeps the universe in motion. Black matter, black energy, gravity, one and all. Gravity shapes space, and time, creates a reaction. An example might be, when there was nothing in space but matter and antimatter, one force had to cause a reaction with the other lest it remain as it was, thus burst where matter dominated antimatter, created a force,  had it not, there might have been mutual destruction, thus it was avoided. The detonator matter, and the after effects, its debris, is what we see now as in, the: stars, galaxies, planets and life, and we can add to that Black Holes, Worm Holes or ripples in time and space (as in bending space like folding a piece of paper in half, and puncturing a hole in it, and finding yourself in the middle of the paper and having saved half the distance thus, in time and space you have bent space, and perhaps saved yourself a billion miles in travel time, called Quantum Physics); thus, Gravitational Waves are created by astronomical galactic atrocities (also referred to as: GWs). So what happened?  Nature created discrimination between matter and antimatter (in the blackness of oblivion, or what the universe was at its beginning, just black matter and black energy), perhaps a decay on the part of antimatter, by 3% to place (dealing with mesons, electrons, positrons, etc.; a good guess!)
       And so gravity is important in both theories, for it can act like a magnet attracting (energy and power) and we must remember, space and time is not flat, it is not. But curved and distorted by mass and energy, when I say curved I mean warped like a pool table, that a person when he is playing pool will first roll a ball from end to end to see if it is curved (which he hopes is not, wanting it to be flat, thus no hindrance to his play), if so, if the table is curved, the ball will bend, or lean forward to the curve, this he does not want, but the universe does.