Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Three Poems for April

The Obscurity of Old Age 

In old age you accumulate the certainties of memory—
And the conveniences of forgetting…!
Time and space shrinks around you, at the same rate.
It has its setbacks, but how many live to see old age?
At sixty-eight, one out of a hundred will not live to see
The following year; thus, do today what you plan for


The Child’s Gap 

Invisible to the mind: the will, the intellect, logic!
They sink the deepest, to shock the system,
More so than the effects of a hammer!
The child’s consciousness seldom forgets the deepest
Hurt….    They don’t know how to mind the gap!


Colliding Galaxies 

Gravitational waves, their frequency is a signal,
Emanates from the dancing black holes, of intergalactic space!
From its gravity, its horizon!
And hence, crosses the compassion expanse of outer space—

Thus, the 21st Century, will pave the way for orbiting God’s
Endless, colliding galaxies…!