Thursday, March 3, 2016


Came a toneless howl without pause for breath—
Her muscles knotted together, and nerves in one powerful outburst, came
The voice inside of her being, no longer totally silent…
She staggered and then danced and took up the howl once more—
Herself suffocating to a muteness inflicted by the infernal being!
The smell of the unfamiliar-spirit, its soul’s substance made the air completely unbreathable!
She felt as if she wanted to slide along the walls, —feeling nauseous as the drums in her head kept beating out a continuous bass.
The being inside her was stomping, raging mad, as she remained in a semi- hypnotic state.
Wanting to vomit up and out the fiend, or demon, lest she dance herself to death.

#5101/ 3-2-2016