Monday, March 21, 2016

Chan Chan (The world’s Biggest Mud City, in Ancient Peru)

Dr. Siluk at Chan Chan, outside of Trujillo, observing a Pelican drawing
Just discovered; he was allowed to see it before National Geographic
Came to photo it, thus, the first international photograph of the Pelican,
March 2006.

I went to Chan Chan, the world’s number one mud city, in 2006.
There I roamed among the temples of the sun and moon, walked in deep underground ruins!
Here the inhabitants flourished between 300 and 800 A.D.
Here thousands of bicolored pottery objects showing scenes of their lives and history, were depicted.
They were not hollow men, or stuffed women, but culturally mixed, leaning and working together.
First the Mochicas, then came Tacaynamo, who built his empire in 1252 A.D., and then the Incas in 1472—
Here Chimo Capac made his home
With direct eyes to death’s other kingdoms.

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