Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Poem not for Youngsters The Horrendous Pishtacos ((The Lost Folklore of El Tambo, Peru) (A Tale Told Twice))

In El Tambo, Peru, there is a lost folklore, lost, but not forgotten, and not lost all that long ago, perchance three quarters of a century ago—
It is the saga of the horrendous Pishtacos, never meant to be told!
That, alas, remains part of its history today all the same—
A sacrilegious, sacrifice of human life, that took place in those not so far-off day…!
Thus, I must follow the line of its full course, whispered to me by those who have lived it, or were under its shadow, or knew of it!
Handed down—decade to decade by word of mouth…

Hidden between the woods, meadows, and what is now a Hospital, and housing development, heading towards the Rio—
Was the Pishtacos habitat…! Like river rats, they lived and died like fiends.
I was stricken speechless when I heard of this tale told twice in, bits and pieces, yet am obliged to expose the Pishtacos, mislaid lore.

(If you feel uneasiness with this poem, please bypass it! It doesn’t get better, only more horrific, and specific…)

The Pishtacos, were the shadows in the woods, who watched from the timber, those, that entered, not a hundred yards away!
Silent in the moment.  Then: 
The prey, without seeing them, the Pishtacos directly behind
—as they went leisurely, as if not suspecting nothing, no way to throw off pursuit!
They sprang to seize them; then dragging one foot after the other, being hampered somewhat from the fallen timber, but not greatly, thus, took their kill, into the darkness of the thickets—
Here the timber so dense, one could nearly be swallowed up in complete gloom—
Stretching out the body or bodies, arms extended at their sides, no longer inhaling breaths, lying there on the ground, an appalling grinding took place, first the guillotining, then:
They were milled and pounded and boiled into a churn-out fat:
For creams and makeup, and soap, sold in market places as far as Europe!

#5104/ 3-3-2016

Note: Thy mysterious Pishtacos, of the Andean People of the Sierras, of Peru and Bolivia, are said to have decapitated their prey, took their bodies, the human fat, to make soap, and make up out of it, and creams.  In Peru, the Pishtacos were busy in Junín (in Huancayo, the El Tambo area), also in: Huancavelica, Cuzco, Ayacucho, Apurimac, Pasco and the mountains around Lima. The police acknowledge them, but pay no attention to trying to locate them, saying they were and are, more legend than reality, yet in 2009, one 27-year man was found dead, beheaded with his fat cut from his body, all carved up, and thus the legend is carried onto this very day.  This most recent group is a copycat of the o