Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Strange Sorrow ((Alcoholism) (in Poetic Prose))

With alcohol one superficially rediscovers the heartbreaking emotion that makes most men and women at one time or another the world’s master,
—and its servant…!
Alcohol, makes a person’s hand idle — shunning work!
Alcohol is what s/he lives for…
The very thing s/he spends hours sitting, daydreaming, in smoked-filled, noisy bars…
A strange sorrow with no tomorrow—
Asked, “What does an alcoholic need to stop?”
Says the respondent: “Something better than what he’s got, why else would he stop!”

#5099 (1 April, 2016

Note 1:  The author has not done much in the area of alcoholism in a long time, being at one time a professional drinker, meaning, an alcoholic. So this poem, is the catch up poem, for after 33-years of sobriety, its way overdue.

Note 2: The poem is dedicated to: Samantha Shields, and Mike Kempe, and don’t ask me why!

Note 3:  Being a licensed CD Counselor, in the State of Minnesota, and having Graduate Studies at the University of Minnesota in that very field, an internship at Ramsey Hospital, and working in the field for fifteen-years, and writing three books on alcoholism, now with a Doctorate Degree in Social work, and an undergraduate degree in Psychology, —not that I need all that to say what I’m going to say, but, it might help—: when you are drinking you forget that you have forgot about thinking of other people. You see them, but you really don’t. One day is like the day before. You say, “Tomorrow we’ll start over,” but everything begins again as before. Your family and friends hide their tears. When people talk to you it appears to them that you are talking to yourself, for the gaze of the drinker is elsewhere.