Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Inside the Brain (A Poem)

When the memory goes bad, it means, the chemistry is bad!
Which means, changes have occurred between nerve cells and synapses.
Old news from the 1940s, and what I picked up in one of my physiological psychology classes, —long, long ago!
Nothing new.
But how do we fix it?  The memory, how do we fix it?
Like a dead battery we need to recharge it with another battery—figuratively speaking!
Thus, strengthening nerve cells, which makes sense.
In essence, neurons need to fire together—the bad and the good—and then they must live together—the bad and the good; they must wire themselves together, the bad and the good, inside the brain; or the half-bad and the good-good.
But something is still missing?
And until we find that something, it will always be missing—
I know what it is, but I can’t name it, and neither can anyone else, yet!
Molecules, the right molecules, they are the acid in the battery, figuratively speaking!

#5100/1 April, 2016