Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Hyperborean Mythos The Great Astronomical Conspiracy

At the precise instant all one-hundred great spacecrafts consolidated into a confederacy, left their planet, details of the disaster still were lurking in the background, a great terrific disturbance was about to take place, and blot out the planet’s atmosphere, it was to the several species of the planet the gravest alarm   its star-sun was about to explode, from within, it had lost its gravitational hold, its mass exploded, and this caused gravity to distort, and all the planets within that solar system to drift into intergalactic space, and like the dead sun, as it got closer to the galaxy’s black hole, the gravity around the rim of the hole swallowed up the sun and the planets it dragged with it! For the space travelers, the end was near long ago, and it was too late to wait any longer. This caused a ripple in time and space, a gravitational wave that would sweep its way across the universe.
       With knowing Earth’s exact location, and being 144-billion miles from earth, they set a course in its direction, at the speed of light (186,000-miles per second), as fast as the GW. The space crafts twisted among the mountains of debris, the gratitude of this colossi star’s bursting from its seams, which also caused earth’s moon to shift its axis by six degrees, having prior a gradual wobble, to where it covered the sun, and shifting the poles somewhat; at an earlier date, it had shifted its axis thirty-five degrees, to where it was prior to the most recent shift. Thus, this allowed the planet to have a greater daylight.
       These inhabitants knew of earth and of earth’s thick atmospheres, they would stop over between Mars and Jupiter, landing within the asteroid belt, on Ceres, in the Occator Crater, thinking the ships could find water  within its   deposits, knowing the remains of briny, water-ice  was available. To them it was just a means of understanding chemistry to extract it, and they knew it quite well from their great telescopes on space platforms that once circled their solar system. And who were they, these species of greater outer space? This is part of the Great Conspiracy.
       This race took with them their ancestral bones; they were a long lived race, with a life span of up to 10,000-years while on their planet, but this would be considerable reduced on earth, and they would become in time Pacific Island dwellers (and because of Earth’s natural habitat, their lifespan would be reduced to 250-years), and they would bury their ancestral bones throughout the global world, for times to come, when men called anthropologists and archeologists would hunt for them, calling them the missing link, or trying to fill up a gap in time, thus their ancestors became the product of man’s misguidance, thinking these tribal bones were part of their ancestors and forebears; how foolish could they be, it was to this species mockery at its best.
       In consequence, bones would be found in caves, as they would blend in and settle with mankind, in settlements around the world, their ancestors would be called: Neanderthals, or Cro-Magnon, or even the proto-Neanderthals, the Homo Heidelbergensis.
       As far as they knew, the human race was a newer race, with smaller brains.  In time, in 26,000-years, man would still carry a slight older chain of nuclear DNA from them, 3% or 4% of humanity, and they too likewise would change. And still, a great majority of this race that had several species that belonged to it, would live in underwater structures yet to be built, and within, and under the icecaps of Antarctica, and within the mountain rangers throughout the world, unseen. They would call their greatest era, the Paleolithic, and onto the Mesolithic era, and then to the modern era of man. Their history went back to grandfather Homo erectus, for their race went back two-million years; human being having less than 20,000-years of history, thinking they have 500,000-behind their belt, was part of the conspiracy, a naïve legacy they had built over a two-hundred year period, and now believed in as they believed in that they were the center of the universe; but let them believe it was the motto of the Great Race that had invaded earth.
       Legends would surround this hidden race, as to be called: Mu and Limeira, Atlantis, and so on. Some would even speculate they built the Great Zimbabwe, or helped to build it, and helped to build the Great Pyramids of Egypt, and its 10,000-year old Sphinx, and even Stonehenge. But had they? This was part of the conspiracy.
       The flight took ten-days with a day’s stopover at Ceres for ice and water.
       This race had a variety of undescriptive beings, one can only speculate as: gorgon, lamia, and leopardess; she-demon like, and female snake vampire like, and perhaps some more of a normality to some of them not so unlike humanity; of those 100-spacecrafts that landed on earth, there was quite a variety.  Many went their own ways.  Underwater cities were built; for when they landed on earth there was among them no mood for advice, but a new confederacy had to be formed and maintained lest one of the many connecting races, with eagerness, mess up the whole planet, thus they made a pack, should any of them break it, he or she or the whole species of that race among the races, would be seized quickly. And there was  among them only one race that could unmistakable take human shape, and this race was tall, lean, darkly robed,  filleted black hair,  nearly expressionless, aquiline face, and to the modern ethnologist eye,  they looked more like a redskin; but after 10,000-years of  racial variation they had joined the culture-stream of humanity, they had become round-headed (brachycephalic), more so than what they had previously been (rather than: dolichocephalic, or long headed)  This took, just for the head: 2500-years to develop. Prior to this their long headedness was so pronounced, it looked like a cone, and for the 21st Century, had they kept that long headedness, it would have been a fashion wholly alien to anything of which man had seen.
       This new and old race even formed a kinesthetic quality about them, of stride and poise, and held their head up high, and held the conviction someday they would rule the world, but as it was in the beginning, they were among the savagery of humanity; but in time they felt, all men would be directly or indirectly a product of their civilization; so this race felt instinctively. Yet the conspiracy, what civilization created this plot?   What do you make of that?

       What would a great lie matter in the history of generations,  through centuries and centuries,  dragged out into full light of truth, once they did take over, could humanity say “fraud” no, just lost in a sea of ages like a grain of sand in the ocean! The real, original human being would have disappeared definitively, well not all, but they would rule nonetheless, and man so inordinately never again would be able to put himself right. What were they waiting for?  Perhaps, when man no longer can bear it any longer.  Give man excessiveness, he is no more than an imbecile he’ll grab it! Even if they still haven’t discovered it. Say nothing, to forestall the laughter, like the politicians do.  In short, it is still a question of dodging whom they really are, and this they are now contemplating, should they not puncture the balloon of the conspiracy?  And should they not yell, “Lousy humans, we are…! And we are here to stay and rule you!” There is no humanitarian spirit in this for them, it is a manifesto, exposing them, and the oppression they have felt for 12,500-years or so. What they don’t want is: for everyone to flee in convulsions like the devil is after them. Nor do they want others to flee to cafes and hide, or gabble indignantly. Thus to reveal to all eyes who they are, is to break the wax-figure they had made of and for themselves. On the other hand, how long can the alliance as they had formed it eons ago, a system of defense, last? It too was breaking up. And who would rule where? 
       Was humanity duped? They think they are free, shielded from the outside worlds.  “Yet who are we…” they say, “for here are!”  They are not Billy goats, or pharaohs, or kings, not yet, to be sure! But some feel they are deserving creatures.

Written 3-26-2016