Monday, March 21, 2016

Papa Augusto’s Amuc

The author visited the mines of Cerro de Pasco, 2007
Highest city in the world, 15,200 feet…

Papa Augusto stood awed, motionless, back when he was a young lad working in the Andean mines of Peru
When he first seen an Amuc!
(So he told me one summer afternoon, in El Tambo, Huancayo.)
That was back in the ‘40s, I presume!
Such tales of the Amuc, go the rounds of the mines by miners in the Andes, stretched from tip to toe:
But Papa Augusto was not one of those souls, he’d tell it as it was; thus, he explained to me:
“The Amuc I saw was devoid of clothes, per near hairless, tawny-looking, squamous in the dim ghoulish light…”
“No taller than a foot and a half in height—!
“Speckled with brownish dirt from head to toe, having the darkest brown eyes, of any sort...
“Damnable iron like wings, fastened themselves onto his back (somehow).”
Clutching, he left the creature to fidget about, unseen, in the spectral twilight—
And as he left, he left the same way he came, —out of an aperture in the quarry of the mine, too, leaving a faint stench behind!

No: 5116/3-18-2016

Note: The Amuc are notoriously known, throughout the Andes, and the author has talked to several folk who have worked for minds and heard their stories, but Papa Augusto, his father in law, is where this story comes from—for the most part, who passed away January, 2015.