Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Borobudur (a poem)

(Borobudur, Largest Baddish Temple in the World, 800 A.D.) July, 1999

Beneath the bluish-white, sun-ridden sky,
Long was the day, and long the climb to the shrine’s summit:
To the top rim of Java’s Borobudur’s body, thus where lies
The pinnacle of the Dhammapada, its canonical teachings….
Yet I moved firmly by myself from one level to another
Examining its etchings and carvings…
Long I sat, exhausted, had the stones a voice, and would loudly cry:
“The Path to the Deathless is awareness…”

I felt the pulse of earth throb, from the ground up, transmitting a
Spiritual repose, from this volcanic structure, of a million black stones,
Coverings its immense boarders! Built 800 A.D., that basted once in Glory!
Wider than the widest Pyramid of Egypt! Crowned, with a Stupa.

Originally written 9-19-1999/ two months after my trip to Japan and Java, and reedited and titivated, 2-27-2016.

Originally published in the book “Sirens” by the same Poet/Author.  Dennis l. Siluk, Dr. h.c.  #5093