Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Strong Sun (Aging)

At thirty, you’re not done for, but your breath is already flagging!
At forty, you’re not done for either, but your body’s preparing for it,
Ahead of time!
At twenty I never got tired of anything.
At sixty, it is called lameness —
At sixty-eight, the strong sun knocks you out, and the life of the body feels as if it is in deep water—
At the end of the day, the bed is sweet; one is content.
Now I wait quietly without really knowing why…

When you get old, your life gets corrugated like a grooved tin-roof, fetish in some areas, but it’s just worn-out machinery at work.
You’re like an old barrel, separated by a sort of path covered by new tiles.
Now the fatigue, the ache in the back, the loss of stamina from inaction, and all signs of old age.
Work is a curse, it precedes death.
No way to chase away those gloomy thoughts!

No: 5095/2-28-2016