Friday, April 1, 2016

Earth Cloaked! (Poem)

Why    would our scientists want to cloak earth?
I mean this is not “Star Wars,” or “Star Trek” or is it?
I’m not kidding!
Do they know something we don’t know?
President Carter let the bean out of the bag long ago that there were extraterrestrials out there—
Thereafter, he was reminded he could lose his pension if he took the cat out of the hat—figuratively speaking!  
He was told to shut up, it was top secret info!
But just where, we don’t know, and they don’t know just where we are, yet!  They got a good idea where our sun is!

How did they find that we are: somewhere, and somewhat of an intelligent life form, still hiding in this little corner of the galaxy?
The same way the Kepler telescope found over a thousand far-off planets…

There is a dip in light the earth creates when it passes in front of the sun!
Like you’re passing by a table lamp…
Kind of like a shadow is created, this can be viewed from afar.
In other words, this is a tell-tail sign in the decrease in sunlight (telling the observer, something is there)

Thus, other worlds would know of our existence.

What would they find interesting about Earth, besides, Pizza, hamburgers, and cuy?
Our atmosphere, as it has: oxygen, ozone and methane, all life encouraging elements.

Can we cloak earth?
Yes! At least our bio-signatures, hence, leaving to the eye of the beholder, in the far-off beyond, Earth as being a dead planet!

To be honest, I think we already got a few laser signatures from the far-off, and they are on their way, trying to map the shortest route to our solar system, or star (the sun)!
Lest they find, or have found, a wormhole, or rippled in time-space, and are already on the dark side of the moon, just waiting!

#51238 (3-31-2016)