Thursday, March 24, 2016

Nippon Eldritch Vigil

Nippon had told himself, he was different than the run of mill people, and actually he said there were 3% of people like him in the world, that simply were different, and perhaps to other people, a little stranger, for people called it absurdness, or indifference when in essence it was perhaps all that, yet  those like him were, people with no impedimenta, no provisions, necessities, no baggage to carry around, or such to ricochet back to them, that he lived in a world of adumbration, one with a sketchy outline yes, a foreshadow yes, but what can one do, what one is like, is hard to change!  So he had asked himself time and again, and he figured it out after long study into several ologies, and figured there was two links to Homo sapiens, it’s the way God was testing the madness of man: the first being the Neanderthals, they diverged from a common ancestor in what scientists claimed there was a gap in the anthropological record, and that was the Homo heidelbergensis. He explained it all to his second mind, his mind’s eye, it was simply, new genetic date caused the divergence, and its nuclear DNA was the link between the heidelbergensis homo, and the Neanderthal  simply as baking a pie; this divergence perhaps took place sometime between 125,000 B.C., and 40,000 B.C., and since nuclear DNA accounts for organisms, that is to say, their construction, located in the nucleus of one’s cells, this 500,000-year gap was filled once and for all by the heidelbergensis homo, and then came the forbears, the homo sapiens, that being: their diversion into the new genetic pool of what would eventual be humanity. Thus this proto-Neanderthal, became civilized in time, and through karyokninesis (the fusing of cell nuclei as in fertilization), chromosome arrangement, occurring in the cells of embryos, perhaps it was for that reason God developed some similarities. Crazy? Of course! Germs created a stir, and from the stir aroused the end product, man.  And then Adam and Eve took the fork in the path (the new breed—the perfect man and woman), the wrong fork in the path, and then God allowed those Neanderthal like folk, with the heidelbergensis gene in them that they now had, mingle with God’s Garden of Eden folk since there was no longer ‘the Garden of Eden’ per se, and what did He get, other than a pile of crickets? Today’s humanity, and thus, Christendom to follow.
       Now in the 21st Century, 3% of the population were like him he told himself, still with genetic material inherited from that lost maternal line, from 800,000 to 428,000 B.C., and Nippon was one of the successors.
       “Now who can blame me,” exclaimed Nippon to his listener, “actually, we 3% are less subject to diseases, our immune systems are stronger than the average person’s, so we were cursed and blessed, less emotions, more stamina.”
        To Nippon, he didn’t know why everyone didn’t know this, since it was obvious to him, saying to himself:  ‘Why do people take it out on me?’ But his spiritual double, had a more inebriate, or over the moon, answer, ‘Had not God changed man’s chemistry, there would have been an epidemic of madness! No glimmer of light for salvation!’
       “Soon I will die, like the drunk” he chattered on while putting on his socks, “is there any regret? There will be no memory of me. Only a few questions by the police, to make out a report, so why become overwhelmed with passion for life or death, the sun will die, the galaxy will fall into a black hole, and earth with its moon too, and earth’s whole solar system like a bag full of marbles, will be messed up in that black hole like a bowl full of crickets, and spit out into creating a new galaxy that will create a hundred thousand new stars and solar systems, and perhaps if God willing, a new earth, and perhaps a new world flood to get rid of the rip raft.
       “Man can beat gold and bronze to his will, learn the laws of nature and the forces of the universe, but time is his master and there is no remedy for death.  Death is man’s incitement to live that is why we build on earth a little world, to capture, or be captured by a gravitational wave of time and space—sometime yet to be—as it goes sweeping on by, perhaps to shed some light on us:  a million, or a billion years later, to say ‘we were here.’ To tell of the monsters and the Tiamat, and Christ and the Cross, and the enthroned gods of Olympus, to tell all the mysteries of mankind to whomever will take all this information, to be placed in a pocket of that one gravitational wave, that will circle the universe forever, and forevermore. What shall we put into that pocket: hope to enter into immortality, somewhere, someplace in the 4th Dimension? And when we do enter, if we do enter, we enter what we are indeed, not what you seem to be, or think we are. But what we really are, with no pretense. All make believe is over. We must do as all humankind must do: face the fact, we must leave what is in the past, in the past, and not yield to it, they are wounds the imagination inflicts upon one and all.”
       Now Nippon was interrupted with his second voice that eerie voice, that whispered to him more often than not, although in agreement with him, he had something to say:  “So you see,” said the voice, “you got to be flawless, or ordinary, which means like everyone else, you got to do some saber-rattling to survive, then bury the hatchet, if you are more animated like those protesters—liken to the squeaky wheel—you’ll be heard, and left alone, people will perchance think you more human.”
       This did not go over very well with Nippon, “Listen up,” he conjured, “In time yet to be we will all end up being newly discovered, 250-million years from now, a new species, in some fossil record out of some new risen continent, as yet to be discovered, it will be the work of some archeologist, or anthropologist at some ancient site, we will have been to him some massive prehistoric civilization (for nothing written will be left), that all fell to extinction—like the ancient wolf (Canis Etrusous), wiped-out like the dinosaurs and those fierce lizards before them, that gave rise to the dinosaurs. We will be the new Archosauriforms to them, perhaps a lost civilization triggered by some galactic, cosmological event, perchance a stray asteroid some twenty-five hundred feet in length, with an uncountable tonnage, event hitting earth, and blasting it with a million meteorites; or atomic war, and volcanic eruptions thereafter turning the earth upside-down.”
       Nippon’s second voice silent, preferring to hold his thoughts, trying as he might, not to be too eerie, but that was an impossible task, “You should never have moved to Lima, you should have stayed in Huancayo, you loved the Andes, and the Mantaro Valley, did you not?”
       Nippon smiled, his pal was right, the Mantaro Valley was another world, with its own simplicity, its own personality, its own folklore, customs, traditions, foods, he missed it, but for the potential recognition he had stayed in Peru’s Capital City.

Note: ‘Nippon Eldritch Vigil’ 1245-words/Written 3-20-2016 (was to be part of ‘Anthills of Lima,’ taken out as a separate work.)