Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Solar System

(Or, ‘The Red Giant’)

I was born out of the womb of a collapsing large molecular cloud
To the pre-birth stage of a pre-solar nebula, of Helium and hydrogen
Water and rock and heaver elements, and I knew I knew I’d become a
Solar System, sooner or later—
Centered near the Orion Arm, in the Milky Way.
A few of my planets would become a rocky disc, one being Earth!
And all would circle the sun; they were eight of them, like my children!
Earth having the largest of the moons, which would circle earth.
And I learned the closer to the sun, the faster the children would run:
Some say spin, but first things first—
It was all from dust and gas and gravitational thrust, each attracting
Each other, forming me, complete—
That is to say, now I had a body, sort of, perimeters, and there was
An awful lot of this and that, minor things sailing through orbits
Around the Red Giant—older than time, some 4.5-billion years.
But I emerged a living thing, and parts of me got warm, 
And what once boiled, was now solid, Jupiter remained gas…
Solar wind swept away the remaining gas and dust, solidifying
And Forming.
As for the Red Giant, the sun, it had, still has a large amount of
Hydrogen in the core of its belly, should it—someday—
Convert to helium, entirely, I think I’ll die!
As will the main sequence of life.
When the sun becomes a red giant, more giant than what it is, then
Comes vaporization—it will vaporize Mercury, Venus and make
Earth uninhabitable.
A no-go-zone.
What I can do from now to then, I have asked myself:
Not a question per se, more a statement!
I think I will hide behind God’s magnetic field, away from solar winds,
Something God did for Earth: leaving out Venus and Mars,
And the rest of the solar children.

Written 9-3-2014 (No: 4536)