Monday, September 1, 2014

God’s Cosmological Realm

Part One

Space bonds and time stretches—!
The speed of light is like the same for all observers. 
The Theory of Relativity is the expression of this:
How one principle different relates to another!
We have physics and astronomy here, in essence:
The physical universe is not as it would seem to be:
Interactions… Of course we have stepped beyond this!
To: astronomical phenomena: where now neutron stars,
And Black Holes, and gravitational waves exist. You see,
We have now stepped into God’s cosmological realm!
Relativity is a theory one sees before one simulates!
Experiences before matching conclusions!
In general, we have the law of gravitation; there beyond
We have the physical phenomena, without gravity!
Physics must be the same for one and all; as would be
The speed of light! Relativity is what we use for our
Space satellites, placed in specific orbits. We have
Two events here: simultaneous, for one observer.
Time stretches in space, the tick of the clock slows down:
Compared to a stationary clock, on earth’s solid ground…
In space there is no force, thus objects free-fall,
That is inertial motion, there is nothing pushing them.
Thus, space bonds with time, as time stretches.

Part Two

We must now step into the arena of God’s second realm,
Quantum theories! How many he has, only he knows!
My first guess would be it’s a mystery. My second,
A mysterious religion? At first appearance anyways.
It first emerged like a snake in the grass, about 1975
For me! Pushed Einstein aside, for its wave-particle duality!
Put better focus on electromagnetic fields that fill all of space—
With waves, and light! Magnetic and electrical forces:
Invisible forces, like ESP! Forces stretching between
This and that, like a hotdog in-between a bun.
There is an equation here: that inside these waves,
In those electromagnetic fields: that they circulate, spread,
Broadcast, — similar to sound in the atmosphere…
Thus, is light made up of little particles?
We are now talking about a wave spread out to its limits—

We must remember lest for this poem, Quantum Physics
Or Mechanics, is in essence, what the physical universe is
Made-up of! Hence, is it possible for a wave to have particles—?
Spread out, indiscrete?
I’m simply a lowly poet, you tell me…
Light! Now let me guess: if waves can act like particles, perhaps
Particles such as ‘electrons’ can act like waves?
Now for the math: waves, particle duality, equals Quantum Theory!
One may have to look at phenomena, and again I must say,
We are looking at what makes up the universe!
God’s astonishing mathematics…  So now we have Newton’s
Two-hundred year old theory, gravity; and electricity, and
Magnetism, and Relativity (space and time), put them together
And we have a bowl of crickets, but should you shake it up some,
And pour it out, you will have unified Quantum theories.

Part Three

That is to say, we have manifestations of a single kind of thing
Now, —an over simplification might be: the dog inside the hotdog
bun, is now a complete, a whole system hotdog—by its self! 
and it will bond with another system, just wait and see…
It is composed of matter that interacts with the system: now
when you eat the hotdog complete, you will be able to observe,
that it is digestible to your system.

The real mystery remains a mystery I suppose! Or at least God
Has chosen it to be so for the time being! Tomorrow who knows!
Anyhow, I ask myself: How can both a wave and particle remain
One and the same?
I mean, even mathematical formalism has its limits.
And so physical reality remains in Quantum Ravines:
So it seems! Or in ‘though experiments’ until God releases
The light for man to see, the light wave (imagined) rippled out, in
An eternal spreading out universe!

In essence, God has not allowed the human mind to get that close
To the light bulb, so man lives in the fainter distance.

This is not a creation theory, it is man’s search in God’s universe
For its physical essence, its substance, its turning wheels, should
I call it anything else, it would sound to be as a presumptuous
Betrayal to its Creator.
I presume God himself sees this all as ancient history. Moreover,
Different from man’s perspective, it is up-to-date printable news!
We are seeing today, what God said in Genesis: light coming out of
Darkness, “and darkness he called night”…

No: 4534 (8-31-2014)