Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Cosmic Odyssey

Part One

Why do galaxies merge with their neighbors? Remaining in constant
What holds back the rocket, from leaving earth’s atmosphere?
Why are comets bound for the sun, made of rock and ice, and when near
       to it, dodge it by an inch, or a pinch, resuming their ancient orbits?
What does the sun have that appears to pull earth’s solar system, all its
       planets towards its clinching grip! Yet allowing them to maintain their
We are talking about physics, the laws of motion, gravity, force, of course!
Why is Titan cold as hell, having lakes of gas, frozen mountains and rivers
       more oil than, earth’s Atlantic Ocean?
Man is born into this cosmological mystery—
The   ‘Bad Star’ is it not the ancient comet?  
They say there is a massive black hole in the middle of the Milky Way!
In the cosmic odyssey, there are more questions than answers…
It has been proven the DNA from trees, and butterflies and sparrows, are
       similar to man’s,
I guess this tells me, if in deed we have these similarities, God fixed it so
       earth, man, plants and animals, all blend into one, in one habitual
habitat; thus, we may be different by just a molecule or two, perhaps a
       mutation, who’s to say…
It’s all the same plan, God made man from a branch of a great family tree,
       melted us all into a bowl, designed to exist among one another!
How much simpler does it get?
As in the origin of species, or natural selection, God has not taken anything
       at random, but allowed to have the DNA, adjust accordingly.
That is to say: of the 100-billion atoms in a being, or bear or wolf, all
       genetically placed according to God’s lettered alphabet,
to be in balance with earth and its solar system, and its galaxy, and his
       universe—we all belong to a gathering, a whole.
The question has come up, how did the wolf, turn into a sheep dog?
“Is this not natural selection?” says the scientist.
My question is: why does the village turn into the city.
Why the city into a nation.
It may be called natural selection, but I call it common sense, you blend
Out of necessity, to whatever it takes to survive…
The cannon turned into the rocket, was that natural selection?
But back to the wolf-dog:
Simply, we under estimated the wolf, he was more intelligent than man first
       figured, now we are feeding him, bedding him, and caressing him,
And what does the dog do? The wolf-dog that now is the dog-dog!
He pretends to growl, when the neighbor comes by: in essence, he knows
       he can yelp his way through life, and laugh at his masters, if indeed he
       wishes, because he’s found the easier life.
The other issue here is, he’s discovered, man is a better hunter: let him
       do the work!
So now we are down to sky and ocean, and the moon that is full of scars,
       and the scientist saying: man is made of: ‘Star dust’
That is quite the quote, and perhaps more true than not, we are all part of
       everything in God’s creation, to some degree, I would guess.
Resistance, or opposition, or call it obstruction, pushes the moon away
       from earth, or else we’d collide; but it doesn’t stop the asteroid, that
       was once a comet, from hitting the earth!
Man’s system is much the same, one system pushing and pulling, and
       resisting the other, as the other does the same: one nervous systems
       says to its polar opposite, not yet!
Where is man in all this, this cosmic odyssey? I think he is in the interval…

Written: 9-25-2014 (No: 4559