Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Old Chest of Drawers

When I was young (just a boy)
Mother had these old chest of drawers
It constituted the full furniture
In her bedroom—other than her bed!
I had gotten to know those drawers,
All my life, —the vision of them
Woven into my earliest recollections…
If I was to guess, it looked like the full
Of it, were made of solid mahogany!
One side of it, had a long deep scratch,
From when we moved from Arch Street,
To Cayuga, in’58.
And there were a few dents in a few places—
It must had been, that of my grandmother
Ella’s, who died in ’33;
So my mother inferred!
The chest of drawers had come originally
From a day earlier than WWI ended—mother
Kept some of my grade school coloring books
A few early poems of mine, my first letter
In one of those drawers—I know, I investigated.

No: 4548 (9-11-2014)