Thursday, September 4, 2014

Black Hole Horizon

When space-time attaches—
And when the mass becomes so deformed
And compact, it forms a black hole in space!
A hole so deep and black nothing can escape!
Not even light, — thus, we have curved
Space-time, in Quantum theories…; so we see,
Or think we see: astrophysical reality, if we
Do, if we really do, we are seeing gravitational
Collapse in motion; — in our own Milky Way we
Have—so they say— a supermassive black hole.
Should one fall in it, God forbid…and should he
Fall deep enough into this hole, you may even
See Black Stars—; yet, once fallen, forevermore
Lost, to outside observers, and paths and gates.
Its membrane, yes, it has skin—that is, once
In a stable condition, a stable state, will have
Parameters! Hence, what is pulled in does not
Come out; mass deforms, particles bend, and
Once the squeeze becomes so strong, it will be
Like a snake that swallows its own tail. And the
Closer you get to the hole, the clock ticks slower…
Gravitation and time dilation!...
But what the scientists don’t know is this:
God has a peephole to see what falls in it!

Written: 9-3-2014/No: 4537

Note: Horizon inferring: no escape