Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Tale Untold: The Bloke!

“Come over and see me tonight” Sharon said.
I said “Okay,” appeasingly.
An old girlfriend I had left, to journey to California
In my younger days, back in ’67; I had now returned.
When I got to her apartment the woman did a strange thing.
Making no resistance, she held on tightly to my shirt,
I stood calmly, as she began to scream.
The scream was hideously compounded by a look of
Fright and fear, yet her face was neither of fright nor fear.
I regarded her casually and appraisingly, as if to see what
She was up to—: then she ripped off her night clothes!
Nearly naked as a jaybird!
And I shoved her away, in the doorway to make my
Turnabout to leave;
Her screams were merely the cry to the bloke downstairs,
For help, it was a set up!
“Aw, shut up,” I said, as she tried to drag me into her
Apartment, I pushed her off by the shoulders.
The result being, we rocked back and forth, while she
Went on screaming. As I could hear a crashing down
The stairs in the other apartment rushing to her rescue.
The woman release her grip on me, as she had been
Shoved back. The bloke, was standing at the end of the stairs.
Ready to liberate her: tire-iron in hand!
It was sufficient that he saw the woman
Reeling back from the archway of the door, screaming,
With pain that was mainly contrived.
“It’s all a mistake,” I told the bloke.
And the man took the tire-iron and swung ponderously:
Put a dent in my head: I kicked him in the chest,
With a sledge like foot (I wasn’t dead yet! That’s all I thought!)
Both of us off balance: and then his wife came out:
She emerged as from her doorway, as if from the skirmish.
But here is the catch: the woman wanted revenge, for
Me going to California. And I thought then and there, still do:
'Such lengths a woman will go to for revenge.’
And for the bloke, his wife divorced him, for his goings-on.
How do I know? I met him in 1970, three years later,
In Augsburg, Germany, he was sour drunk, over it all!
He was in the Army, and we got drunk together
In the soldier’s club we met by accident for the most part
Until he noticed who was who (he was headed for the war in
Vietnam), and wanted a rematch. Only thing that came
To my mind was: ‘Here is poetic justice!’ For had he not
Been divorced, he would have not got those orders for Nam!

No: 4548 (9-11-2014)